I have to say that homemade cards are the best cards. When I was trying to find my mother-in-law a really cute “just because” card, nothing in the store said what I wanted it to say. I also like to send/email her lots of pictures because she lives 6 hours away, so she doesn’t get to see the baby as much as she would like to. So I sat down and came up with this card:

For the price of one card, you can go to your local craft/hobby store and make 2-3 cards. Not only did I make one for her, but I had enough left over to make one more with a few scraps for another project. The card is really easy to make, and I am going to tell you how to do it.

– 2 pieces of cardstock (in two different colors).
– 2-3 pieces of coordinating scrapbooking papers.
– 23 inch piece of ribbon.
– Embellishments.
– Adhesive of your choice.

– 2 6 x 6 pieces of cardstock (in one color).
– 1 4 x 6 piece of cardstock (scored every 1/2 inch).
– 9 4 x 2 pieces of cardstock (these will be the inside tab).
– 2 6 x 6 pieces of scrapbook paper (for the inside cover).
– 2 5 x 5 pieces of scrapbook paper (for the outside cover).


  1. Take your 4 x 6 piece of scored cardstock and lay it flat.
  2. Apply adhesive to the left and the right side of the piece (along the 1/2 inch score).
  3. Add the 2 6 x 6 pieces of cardstock to the adhesive and press firmly for a few seconds.
  4. Once again, lay your card flat and apply the ribbon to the outside of the card, directly in the middle (leaving 5 inches hanging off of each side).
  5. Press the ribbon on the adhesive firmly for a few seconds.
  6. Open up your card and attach the 9 4 x 2 rectangles to the inside, in between the creases.
  7. Add the two 6 x 6 pieces of scrapbook paper to the inside cover.
  8. Add the two 5 x 5 pieces of scrapbook paper to the outside cover.
  9. Finally embellish away. Add pictures if you like. Print out a letter on the computer and attach it to the inside. The sky is the limit.

Here are a few more pictures of the card so you can get a better look at it.

An inside look at the card.

This is what it looks like spread out.

If I didn’t explain something clearly enough, please leave your question as a comment and I will answer your question in the comments.

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  1. This is so cute, and I love the fact that it is homemade. I think things always have more meaning when you make them yourself for that special person. Great job.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! This is an ADORABLE card!!! You are talented!! Thank you for sharing this! And who wouldn’t love getting this card in the mail!! 🙂

    Mrs. U

  3. These are really cute! What a great job you did. Thanks so much for sharing. You have some awesome scrapbooking skills!

  4. Love the idea of making a more personal card… Godd job!!!

  5. This is really beautiful. God has given you a wonderful gift. Could I email you privately, please?


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