Got Free CardsI’m a sentimental person. I love writing letters and sending cards. To me, there is nothing like a handwritten note. Sometimes, though, time does slip away from me and I will send an eCard instead.

That is why I was really excited when I got the opportunity to review a new up-and-coming site that allows you to send virtual cards to anyone. They are called Got Free Cards.

As I was looking over their website, I noticed that they had cards for every occasion. Not only that, but they were animated. Not the long kind of animated where you are sitting there for two minutes waiting for the card to stop singing. The kind of animated that allows you to get straight to the point. They offer:

The wonderful people of Got Free Cards is going to give one of my readers a $25 gift card to Amazon.


Go to Got Free Cards and find your favorite free Father’s Day eCard. Come back here and leave your name, email address and the name of the eCard you like the best.


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You must have a valid US address to be eligible to win this prize.


Thursday, June 18th at midnight Eastern time. I will post the winner first thing on Friday morning. (June 19th)

This giveaway is being sponsored by Got Free eCards Your ultimate resource for free eCards.

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  1. My fave is the “Dad You Rock” card.

  2. I like the “from daddy’s little girl” card. It’s something my daughter would send to her dad.

  3. My favorite is the “Dad you rock” card.

  4. I love KING OF THE WORLD! Definately showing this one to my hubby

  5. My favorite is “To My Husband”.

  6. My favorite is the Thank you Dad ecard. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I’m also giving away a $25 Amazon GC on my site. You’re welcome to enter!

  7. Follow you on Twitter (luckytoddler)

    I’m also giving away a $25 Amazon GC on my site. You’re welcome to enter!

  8. I like the superhero dad one!

  9. I like King of the World.

    jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

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  12. Since my dad passed away since last Father’s Day, I would send a card to my husband and love the one that’s “to the man who does it all”…

  13. I like the “dad you rock” card, cute!

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  15. Following your blog, feel free to follow mine…

  16. I love the Dad You Rock card!

  17. I follow you on twitter!!

  18. I really liked the dad you rock card…so cute!!


  19. I like “Happy Father’s Day”. Thanks!

  20. My fave is “Daddy’s Little Girl”!

  21. Following you on twitter @LDayFunSF

  22. I love the thank you dad! thanks so much!

  23. I liked the King of the world card the best.

  24. oops forgot to post my email!…
    I follow you on twitter (hicksgirl93) and I follow your blog

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  26. My favorite is king of the world.

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  31. I like the Father’s Day wishes from afar

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  36. I really like the “Dad you rock” card!

  37. Hi there..

    I choose this one:

    To my husband.. (He’s the greatest Daddy!)

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  39. My favorite is the Happy Father’s Day card with Super Man.

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  42. You Are My Guide is a cool card.

  43. What a unique site! A lot of the pay e-card sites are rubbish now and I’m so excited you posted this! My favorite is:

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    Great blog you have!

  47. I like the happy Father’s Day card when Dad is a super hero flying through the sky!

  48. Dad You Rock

  49. I love the “King of the Jungle” e-card.

  50. I subscribe by email.

  51. I just subscribed and confirmed my subscription to your blog! aliciamzizzo (at)

  52. My favorite was the “peaceful” father’s day. My husband works so hard for all of us (3 kids) that I wish I could give him a holiday for father’s day.

  53. I like the Peaceful Father’s Day free e-card!

  54. I am a new follower!

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  56. King of the jungle is my fav.

  57. I love the Peaceful Father’s Day one!

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    My fav card is Peaceful Father’s Day.

    Thank you!

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  67. I’m a fan of the “Father’s Day Gift Ideas” card.

  68. My favorite is the “Peaceful Fathers Day” card the best.

  69. I like the “Peaceful Father’s Day” card. That one is unique!

  70. I like To my husband.

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  79. I like the Dad You Rock card.

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  83. Ilike this one My hubby just taught our daughter how to ride a bike so it’s perfect!

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  91. I like “To My Husband”

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