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Summer is here and I am doing everything I can to get my family to spend as much time outdoors as possible. We love to bar-b-que and just sit outside and enjoy the weather. For the most part, everyone loves being outside.

This year I am trying my hand at something new to me: gardening. We don’t have much space outside like I want to plant a big garden, so I am going to try out container gardening. It allows me the freedom to plant some flowers and vegetables in a convienant sized space for me.

Home Depot has just introduced their Garden Club. I have been browsing this site for a few days now and it gives information on Gardening, Lawn Care, Landscaping and Outdoor Living. Not only that, but the website contains a plethora of DIY Guides and a Buying Guide that would have any nature lover looking over the site for hours. It’s just a really great site.

On the Home Depot Garden Club website you can:

  • Get answers to all of your questions within 24 hours.
  • Really important information about your region, advice on gardening, tips and advice from pros and updates on gardening events in your area.

I would love nothing more then to have an entire outside oasis where my fiance could bar-b-que, I could sit in a comfortable patio chair and look over my garden and watch my sons run around outside. That would be my ultimate goal. That could be your ultimate goal as well.

Home Depot Gift CardI have teamed up with Home Depot’s Garden Club to bring to you a wonderful giveaway!

You can win a $100 gift card to Home Depot!

With this money you could begin, or finish, and outside project at your home.

Go to the Home Depot Garden Club website and find a DIY gardening project you would like to do. Come back here and leave your name, email address and the project you would like to complete at your house.


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You must have a valid US address to be eligible to win this prize.

Saturday, June 20th at midnight Eastern time. I will post the winner first thing on Monday morning. (June 22nd)

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  1. I’d like to lay a garden path all the way back to our deck.

  2. I would like to do the putting green, but realistically need to do the lawn analysis.


  3. I want a small gazebo area in the back. Some place that my son, who has a neurological disorder and can’t sweat, can go to be in the shade and just relax on nice afternoons and I wouldn’t have to keep him trapped inside so much.

  4. I would like to start Veggies from Seed Indoors.

  5. I already follow you on Twitter.

  6. We really need to start putting in some garden beds. Now that our home renovation is coming to an end, we can start thinking about the backyard!

  7. I would like to put a garden path through my perennial bed.

  8. My project would be to actually START a garden!! LOL

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  11. Oh, I would love to build a Kid’s Table! My little 10-month old loves being able to stand against furniture, and he’s really been enjoying spending time outside.

  12. We are planning to lay a garden bed. We are new to Georgia so we have a learning curve on the climate and pests :)

  13. I want to make garden boxes! We are landscaping our yard so there are a million things I could do with your giftcard :)

  14. I really like their tutorial on preparing a garden bed. Gardening is something I’ve been wanting to get into.

  15. Hi,

    I would like to add a tree ring around our tree in the backyard.

  16. My husband would get such a kick out of the putting green. Great giveaway. Have my fingers crossed.

  17. Thank you for offering this fantastic give-away! I am a Garden Club Member and am looking forward to starting a vegetable garden using the tips they’ve provided.

    Blogged! :)

  18. I would love to make a garden island and they make it sound so easy. If I win the GC I will totally take it on. Thanks!

  19. My husband and I just moved and are wanting to make a garden. There were so many neat ideas we found and want to try out. Some things we loved were the garden boxes, making a garden bed, make a beautiful garden, and more!

  20. I really want to make a garden path!

  21. I would love to make a raised bed garden. Thanks!

  22. I would start a vegetable garden.

  23. I could use this to fix up around my kids play area, wood chips, sand, and maybe find something to get rid of thorny grass of some type. Thanks so much great giveaway.

  24. I follow your, blog already, better believe it. Thanks 4-x chance.

  25. I’ve got your button. Thanks again.

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    Thanks again, 4-x chance.

  27. Garden path is what I would like to work on,

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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME.Need this for fixing up our adopted daughters room who is due in November.

  31. I want to do some raised garden beds. I need a yard *L*

  32. The tree rings would be my first project.

  33. I would like to train a vine over an arbor.

    jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

  34. I follow on twitter (jenniferladd).

  35. I follow your blog.

  36. I would love to (and might) build a ring toss. We just moved into a great place in the country with a huge yard. I am a Girl Scout leader and love kids, so having a game in the yard would be wonderful.

  37. I would like to lay garden fabric to prevent weeds from growing in each season. I also follow on twitter.

  38. I NEED this giveaway! Wow, so generous…if I win I am definitely going for the Starting Veggies from Seed Indoors project.

  39. i follow you on twitter (mommaofmany)

  40. I would love to make an island bed in my yard it looks so pretty!!

  41. i am also folling your blog 😉

  42. i am a member of your social network!

  43. I would like to start a vegeatble garden. **Fingers Crossed**

  44. I would like to start a vegetable garden. **Fingers Crossed**

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  48. I would like to lay the garden fabric so I can count down on the million hours of weeding time I feel like I’m doing!!!!!

  49. Valencia

    I would love to have an island garden.

  50. I follow you on twitter/buildthherhouse

  51. I would love to start some raised garden beds for veggies.

  52. I have a planting bed next to my house that fills up with weeds every summer. I found the Laying Landscape Fabric DIY page, I had no idea there was something I could lay down on the planting bed to keep weeds from growing! Hallelujah! If I win, I’m spending the $100 on the fabric, staples, mulch, and plants!

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  56. I’d like to start veggies from seeds indoors.

  57. I’d like to build an island bed.

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  62. THE DIY Home Depot Project I would LOVE to do is the Build a Serving Cart. It is something I can do by myself with Minimal help and boy is it beautiful and USEFUL too!
    What a lovely project!
    Thanks for a the chance to win the $100 Home Depot Gift Card. Wow with the economy as bad as it is.. everyone can sure use this!!

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  68. I would try and create an Island Bed

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  73. The kids table would be fun to do.

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  76. I’d like to start a seed garden indoors to help my fruits and veggies grow once I transplant them outside.

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  79. I would like to start veggies from seeds indoors.

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  82. I would like to care for my annuals or make an island bed. The annuals don’t seem to grow and or live very long. I am continually re-planting to no avail so I could definitely use a hand in doing it the proper way.

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    Thank you for a GREAT Giveaway!!

  84. I would start a garden from seeds indoors. I have experience with this so I know I could pull it off, lol. Thanks so much!

  85. I too am trying to garden for the first time this year! So glad to have found you and the links to Home Depot’s Garden Club – 24 hour Q & A is great!
    From the diy projects listed, I would really like to lay a garden path or sod my side yard.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  86. I have subscribed to your feed! =)

  87. following you too!

  88. I would like to try my hand at building the storage bench or the kids table. Oh and a putting green would be fun too!

  89. I have also posted your buuton on my site! I am finding so much on here I can use. Thanks for the great info. :c)

  90. would love to try my hand at : Build an Island Bed

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  96. So this project it a bit less outdoorsy, but when we moved into the house we are currently living in, the entryway, stairwell and the upstairs hallway were covered in the most blinding and hideous burgundy flowerish patterned wallpaper. Unfortunately, getting rid of this wallpaper always gets put on the back burner whenever it comes to fixing something in the house. Anyway, that would be my DIY project…stripping the wallpaper and replacing it with either a nicer wallpaper or a nice coat of paint.

  97. i need a gazabo, a small one. My back yard will be perfect! thank you for considering me

  98. The DIY project I would like to try is to build my own storage bench.

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  100. I would add in a garden path.

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  103. I would love to win this giftcard! We just had our one year anniversary in our new home and would love to paint the walls.

  104. I would love to build a storage bench! Or shall I say, have my husband build that gorgeous storage bench! What a great resource!

  105. following you on twitter!


  106. I would love to Build an Island Bed.

  107. I need a garden path… bad!

    Nancy Sabina
    nancy dot sabina at gmail dot com

  108. I would love to get some flowers growing in my bare flower bed!!

  109. I would do the raised garden. I have been wanting to do that.

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  111. I want to build an island bed, but more with a veggie garden instead of flowers :)

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  116. I would love to do the raised garden bed! We just bought our first home and these types of projects are going to be on the list for a while! Exciting!

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  118. The hos to build a storage bench would be perfect! We don’t have a lot of space, and have stuff all over our patio!

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    user name-hcherakovic

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  121. I’d like to construct a walking path w/ pavers…love your site~

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  123. I would like to build a garden storage box. That is a website with lots of help!

  124. We REALLY need to add a little bench/sitting area in our backyard.

  125. I would like to start Veggies from Seed Indoors

  126. I would like to Build a Tree Ring

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  131. I like so many of the projects! The putting green or building a garden storage bench appealed to me. Thanks for the opportunity!


    Tweeted about it again

    aliciamzizzo (at)

  133. oops meant to post this on the amazon one- sorry guys!

  134. Need to do lots of landscape work for my little farm house.

  135. I would really like to try the vine over the arbor project.

  136. I would love to build a picnic table to put in our backyard.

  137. I would like to build the storage bench

  138. I am interested in doing a raised garden.

  139. I would love to do the Island – I have the perfect spot in my backyard!

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  145. I like all the projects! We have been thinking of building a tree ring and the $100 would be great!

  146. I have your tv show on right now (it’s thursday night)

  147. I like the How to Build a Raised Garden.

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  149. I like the start Veggies from Seed Indoors. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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  155. Victoria

    We are in a small apartment, but I would love to start Veggies from Seed Indoors!


  156. I would love to build a tree ring for the tree in our front yard!

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  158. Oh I would love to have a raised flower bed!

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  171. We just built a home and are maxed out on budget–I would love to win this to be able to landscape our front yard to top off the year long project.

  172. I want to do one of their affordable transformations….stain my deck!

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  176. I would love to do the DIY project Build a Kid’s Table! Oh my thats a great idea! My kids would love it!

    A project we really need to finish is painting the inside of our house. We are almost done just not enought time in a day! This would help so much for the rest of the paint we need!

    Thanks so much for the chance and have a lovely weekend!


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  181. I want to add more lush garden space to what I have already started but can’t afford to finish how I really want to do it.

  182. Added you on Twitter @ girliegirl2009

  183. We need to update our garden with solar lighting and some new flower plants.

  184. DIY Project we would like to do at our house –

    Build a Picnic Table

    lots of good DIY ideas on the site.


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  188. I would love to Build an Island Bed Garden.. I have always wanted to give it a try, I was always afraid it would look like I just stuck a flower bed in the middle of the yard. This looks wonderful.
    Thanks!! The Gift card would be a huge help in building the Island Bed.
    itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com

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    Have a terrific day!

  191. First I have to tell you I was shocked at all the DIY projects. I really liked this site and found it so easy to understand and navigate. I have always wanted an arbor at the entrance of my garden and I found a DIY project “Training a Vine Over an Arbor”. I think the perennial Clematis would be perfect to train to go over the Arbor. I also found another DIY project that I would like to do for the children so that was also a plus.Thanks for Sharing this fantastic review and giveaway~! :)

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  198. I would love to Make a Garden Path – they are really neat. I love Home Depot’s Garden Club…they also have great coupons!

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  201. Starting Veggies from Seed Indoors project for sure!

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  205. I’m already a member of the Home Depot Garden Club, and with their help I am trying some container gardening.After moving from my home to an apartment I have really missed my gardens. But I now have all kinds of pots with tomatoes,cukes and flowers growing nicely! It sure feels good to play in the dirt again! 😉
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

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  209. I finally have time for a garden and I am excited to finally start one! Woo Hoo

  210. I would like to make a garden path!

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  212. We would love to put pavers by our back door as DIY project!

  213. I need to Build an Island Bed.

  214. We would love to put in a retaining wall out in our garden.

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  218. I have always wanted to plant a rose garden and Home Depot has a DYI project about Pruning a Rosebush.

  219. I am a subscriber to your RSS feeds

  220. We are working on getting container or squarefoot gardens going in our yard. We also are re-doing our front bathroom…so many projects, so little time (and money).
    Great giveaway!!!

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  222. I would love to do a raised garden bed!!!

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