shy-essence_coverThat would be me! And I am beyond excited. This has been in the works for a few months now, and you have no idea how hard it has been for me to keep quiet. Seriously.

I was so nervous when I submitted my information to be featured in a financial article in Essence magazine. I know that I am by no means an expert, but I can “pinch a penny” like nobody’s business. Saving money and couponing has become like a hobby to me.

So anyways. I submitted my information over to Essence, and what resulted was a lot of back and forth emails to check information and to get some facts straight. Then a phone interview with an editor followed.

Click on it to enlarge.

Click on it to enlarge.

Nervous doesn’t even begin describe it. I officially know that I wouldn’t do good under pressure if I were in a circumstance that allowed me to have to be put under pressure. (If that makes any sense at all.)

I am just excited that I got the chance to be able to be featured in such a wonderful magazine. When I first started blogging, I never knew that I would have accomplished everything that I have. I went from just talking about my family and posting my savings stories to being interviewed on radio shows, being sought out by companies to test out their new products to being in a magazine.

Penny Pinching Diva has been such a good journey for me, and I can only guarantee that there will be more good things to come. Thank you for sticking it out with me, and continue to stay with me as I bring you more money saving tips and stories, coupons, recipes, pictures and a glimpse inside my life.

Take care!

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  1. Great Job Shynea! I’m proud of you. Best Wishes!!!

  2. Congrats lady! I can say “I remember her when!”

  3. You Go Girl!

  4. Congratulations! That is so awesome. The best is yet to come 🙂

  5. Caliente! Hot, hot, hot! You are on fire mama! Congrats and looking forward to seeing what else 2009 holds for you.

  6. YAY you rock mama!

  7. Congratulations! That is great Shynea

  8. Wow! Such exciting news. Congrats to you.

  9. I screamed for you when I saw the magazine. How exciting for you and your site.

    I just joined your email list a few months ago and this is my first post, but I wanted to say I appreciate your posts and I hope the magazine introduces you to new readers.

    I know right now money is tight so I’m learning to become a better penny pincher.

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Congrats! After I finally got past the cover photo of Idris Elba (lol), I saw your feature story in the magazine. As someone who is new to couponing, I would love it if you could share some of your coupon organization tips. Thanks!

  11. Essence magazine is how I learned about your blog. I got my magazine on Monday and have been a dedicated follower ever since. Congratulations and may God continue to bless you!

  12. That’s amazing! Congrats on your continued success! I love your site and visit at least weekly!

  13. That’s how I found you! I am loving my new discovery!

  14. That is GREAT! Congratulations!!!

  15. CONGRATS!!!! Always great to see someone from Florida get their recognition…. I’m in Gainesville, so I follow your site closely as we have many of the same stores in our areas. Thanks for all you do and congrats again on getting published!!!

  16. Congrats, awesome!!!! So proud of you, you are doing it!

  17. Hey congratulations! That is how I found out about yyou site and I love all the great deals you find.

  18. Just saw the saving article in Essence. Wanted to come check all of the good information. Congrats and thanks for sharing your story!

  19. You have created a BUZZ for sure! I think we all want to pinch some pennies!! LOL! Congrats on your article! But I wanted to know as a mini pincher, how is it that you can spend $200 and only pay $5?? I always wonder are you only purchasing items that you have coupons for? Or are you also purchasing your meats, fruits, and dairy??

  20. I saw your article in Essence Magazine and became very excited to learn more about this process. I’ve tried something like this before on my own but it just didn’t work out. I believe this is going to work for me. I have printed off tons of coupons from your site and waiting for Sunday so I can go collect newspapers for coupons for my grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon. Keep sending the tips…I need as many as I can get to help save me and my family money! Congratulations and thank you for sharing!

  21. Hi Diva,

    I read opened the issue of Essence last night and grabbed my friends arm when I saw your picture! I was like, I know her…well I read her blog. I was excited as I know you are. Congratulations!! Keep the advice coming. God is going to continue to open doors that no man can shut!

  22. Wow, that is awesome. Go head girl!

  23. Congrats sis, I read your feature and wanted to support you with a hit on your site. Have you always been frugal? I seem not to be organized enough to keep up with coupons, sales etc.

  24. CONGRATS!! This coverage will bring so much positive attention your way! I was in the May issue, and since then, I continue to meet the most amazing Execumamas (like you!) who make it happen every day with just their hustle and their commitment to their families! I don’t even know you, but I can truly say I’m SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Great things happen to great people!

    Continued success to you!!

  25. Congrats and continued success!!! I look forward to your tips!!

  26. Shynea, this is so awesome, glad I could be a tiny part in helping shed some light on your wonderful spirit. This is just the first of many wonderful things coming to you. Thanks for sharing your Mommy saving tips (both money and kids)…


  27. Wow!!! How exciting!!! Congratulations, you certainly deserve it:) This is just the beginning, practice your speech, cause you will be asked:) Yay!!!

    Dr. Daisy (aka Dr. Mommy)

  28. Hi!

    I actually heard of you when my friend and I were looking at the Essence Magazine and we were saying how we HAd to get to your site!

    My friend even pulled out her Blackberry and got on your site immediately.

    Especially since lately all we have been talking about is finding ways to pinny pinch.

    You are truly an inspiration to all! Thank you soo much!


  29. Hello,
    I am also a person who got read about you in the Essence magazine. My friend called me and was demanding that I read about how women are featured in the magazine saving tons of money. I became inspired to coupon and save money because of your story and website. I tried to coupon before but you made it dummy proof. Thanks for sharing this great info.

  30. I like many many others discovered you from the article in Essence and jumped on my BlackBerry right away! What a great way to get recognized! Thanks soo much for your tips n tricks! Keep it coming! I will B back!

  31. * Popping in from over at
    Congratulations on being featured in Essence! I’ll definitely be visiting your site regularly. I’m mommy to four children ages 13, 11, 9, and 18 mos. I am always looking for a good bargain or sale!

  32. Hi checking in. I was this article in Essence and it was very exciting and informative, I couldn’t wait to visit your blog. I will definitely be following. Keep up the good work.

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