Having a family of six, you can only imagine the mounds of clothing that pile up at my home. Or can you? I vividly remember days where I would wash 2-3 loads of laundry every 1-2 days. It was very tiring and my checkbook was not thanking me for my escalated electricity and water bill. Not to mention that my house constantly smelled of bleach.

I wised up. I was determined to not only figure out how to stop the massive amounts of dirty laundry that were piling up, but to eliminate the annoying smell of bleach that was overwhelming my house. What was once a daily routine of washing one load of laundry a day has now been turned into a weekly routine of washing 3-4 loads of laundry every Sunday.

Here are a  few tips that will help you tackle the laundry that is taking over your house.

01. If it ain’t dirty, don’t wash it. Excuse the bad grammar, but in the words of my mother that phrase resonates throughout my household. Often times we think that just because we have worn a piece of clothing it is automatically dirty. That is not true. If you haven’t sweated in it, fell in it, sat on something in it or spilled something on it, it can be hung back up in your closet or refolded and placed back in your drawers. Just because it was worn doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dirty.

02. Don’t you play in your school clothes.
How often as children did we hear this exact phrase from our parents? I use to think that they were being ridiculous, but now with four children of my own and two of them being in school, this phrase gets repeated by me to my sons.

My children have clothes dedicated for school and two outfits per week dedicated as play clothes. When they come home their school clothes are hung up and their play clothes are put on. They can do whatever they want to in those two outfits.

03. Learn how to spot treat. Unless you have spilled an entire pot of coffee on yourself, learn how to spot treat  your clothes. A small dollop of toothpaste on your shirt doesn’t require that the entire shirt be washed. Instead use a product like the Tide To-Go pen to treat small stains. It’s portable and can be placed in your purse, desk or car and is great for on-the-go spot treatments.

04. Let the babies be free.
Small children, meaning babies and toddlers, create a large amount of mess. From milk, to throw up, to explosive diapers and messy rendezvous with their highchairs, this age group alone can produce loads of laundry every week just by themselves. My philosophy? Let them be free. Set the temperature in your house on a comfortable setting and let them run around in just a diaper. I know those little outfits are just too cute, but unless you’re planning to make a special trip outside of your home, no one will see your exceptionally cute baby in that exceptionally spiffy outfit. Save it for a special occasion.

Tide Coldwater05. Use cold water to wash your clothes.
Yes, even your whites. Gone are the days when you were made to believe that only hot water would truly get your white clothes their brightest. I have discovered the advantages of Tide Coldwater and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed.

I will admit that I was a little skeptical at first. I was always told by my mother that hot water was best to use when washing your whites. With the new Tide Coldwater they have eliminated the need to use hot water to get your whites their brightest.

Tide Coldwater provides a deep clean in the care of cold water. When used in a cold water wash, Tide Coldwater can:
  • Remove even stubborn stains better than the leading competitive liquid detergent in warm water.
  • Save energy and money by lowering your heating bills.
  • Help colors stay bright and whites stay white.

You are also saving money and energy because it takes three full loads of clothes washed in cold water to equal up to one full load of clothes washed in hot water. (I knew that little bit of information would be interesting to you. *smiles*)

Plus, the smell was phenomenal. Even after five days I can still smell the fresh scent when I open up my drawers.

Hopefully the tips that I have provided will help you to tackle the battle of laundry in your household.

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  1. You posted this at just the right time for me as I am doing laundry today!! I will use these tips and hopefullly really reduce my loads of laundry.
    My little guy (2yr. old) loves to go around in just a diaper so we do allow him and boy does that reduce the use of clothing!!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I just finished a few loads here today. I like the phrase you stated about if it ain’t dirty, don’t wash it. My kids had the tendency to want to change several times a day (especially during the summer). That changed quickly. They would put on clothes first thing in the morning and change twice again throughout the day. Excuse me!!I don’t think so!

    I would find perfectly clean clothes in the laundry and wonder how that got there. I’m guilty of wearing something once myself and set it out to launder. I may also have to implement the sniff test, lol.

  3. Laundry is an ever growing probem in my household. My daughter likes to change her cothes 3 times a day, while my son and hubby wear their clothes one time and throw everything in the hamper. There are about to be some changes around here…again!
    BTW, thanks for the tips on the tide, I was very skeptical about it.

  4. Great tip on Tide Coldwater, I was skeptical also, so thank you for making me feel more comfortable about using it. Also its on sale at Target this week, and in the sunday paper there was a $1.00 off coupon.

  5. Great tips. And you are so right our parents didn’t let us run around in our school clothes. My children were making a habit of changing multiple times a day and throwing the clothes in the hamper, Mom went on strike and took control.

  6. i know i have been washing everyday i tried to give each person a basket for their dirty clothes but i find myself washing things that i have already washed. thanks for the tip on the cold water

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