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I am loving this new weekly feature because I am finding SO many great things on my quest to bring my readers my Top 5 of the week. This week I have been settling into the routine of getting married. I received my official marriage license and I am still in bliss. (I think they call this the honeymoon phase. I am almost positive I will see dirty socks back on the floor soon.) I am just excited for what the future may bring.

This weeks Top 5 is scattered all over the place. If you have ever carried on a conversation with me you already know that I can talk about ten different things within a five minutes. It’s a bad habit, but it makes for an interesting conversation. So without further ado, here are my Top 5 for the week.

01. The website Michelle Obama Watch

Michelle ObamaLately, I have become obsessed with the 1st lady of the White House, Michelle Obama. After writing my post about being the 1st lady of your blog, (which came to me from an article I read on Michelle Obama), I decided to start reading more about the 1st lady. When I googled her name, I came across a lot of articles talking about what she wore here and there or they were just down right negative. Seeing as I look more for the positive rather than the negative, I began a search to find a website that covered all of the good that Mrs. Obama was doing.

That is when I came across Michelle Obama Watch.
It quickly became one of my favorites and I bookmarked it after reading just one article. I have been on the website for several days straight pouring over the articles and I have yet to find the site overrun with talks about what party dress Mrs. Obama has worn to which function. From articles on how she has come through for Chicago to how she made a PSA appearance on Sesame Street to talk about healthy living habits, they have covered it all. (And for all of you fashion forward readers, there’s a fashion section just for you.)

02. Kmarts online layaway & Christmas Club Card programs.

Kmart Christmas Club CardI am BEYOND excited about Kmarts new online layaway and Christmas Card Club program. For family’s that are in the same financial situation as myself, funds will be a little tighter around the holiday season this year. I have always been a huge user of layaways. I was completely disappointed when Wal-Mart decided to no longer implement their layaway program. I am a budgetnista and layaways allowed me to set up a payment plan and budget my Christmas shopping into several payments.

Kmart has never taken away their layaway option for their customers.
They have expanded on it this year by allowing you to shop online and place those items on layaway from their website. Because I work full time outside of the home now, I no longer have the time to browse around stores. I am usually in and out. This allows me to find presents for my sons this year, pay for them and then pick them up at my local store. I don’t have to walk up and down the aisles anymore and I am loving that.

03. See Kai Run new fall line of children’s shoes.

See Kai RunI am a stickler for quality, and although price plays an important part in my decision on making purchases, sometimes I do pay more because I know of the quality that that particular company will offer me. One of the things that I don’t skimp on is purchasing shoes for my sons. Boys are rough on shoes, and I would rather pay more for shoes that will last for awhile then pay less for a cheaper pair that I will have to replace in a month. I have found a company that offers quality with reasonable prices for children’s shoes.

See Kai Run has provided me with the opportunity to buy stylish shoes for my youngest sons that will last awhile. My son has had this pair of shoes for well over six months, and they still look really good. Not only that, but they frequently send out coupons and discounts to subscribers of their newsletter. If you are looking for designer children’s shoes for a great price take a look at their new fall line.

04. The new tv network Centric TV.

Centric TV

Whenever I get the chance to watch television I am excited. With my current schedule, tv has taken a back burner in order for me to spend what little free time I have on doing things that I am passionate about.  (Like this website or my social network.) It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of reality television, but even with that obsession I like to watch quality shows of substance. Although BET has been a favorite of mine for a long time, I started to notice that I was slowly but surely floating away from watching my regular shows.

Then comes Centric TV. From the quote on the website “Centric is a new channel that reflects today’s African American adult viewers and what they’re all about – style, sophistication, heart and soul. Get all the artists, series, movies, music and lifestyle programming you love. All day. All night.” Yes, they’ve sold me hook, line and sinker.  I can now watch shows like Keeping Up With The Joneses (A show following founder Tracey Ferguson as she builds Jones Magazine – an upscale magazine targeting affluent African American women in Houston high society.) and Real Life Divas (A show that allows us to watch how some of today’s most fascinating women impact the world artistically, socially, commercially and politically, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of both family and fans.) I wonder if Centric TV would give me a show? *wink*

05. The author and blogger Denene Millner.

Denene MillnerI have been a longtime fan of Denene Millner way before I even knew she was an author. Her blog My Brown Baby was one of the first blogs I started reading last year when I decided to start a public blog. I can’t describe her blog and do it any justice, so I am going to just post the description of My Brown Baby straight from the website:

My Brown Baby is a weekly blog that provides thought-provoking, insightful, wickedly funny commentary on motherhood, for moms who love their brown babies, by moms who do the same. Through their posts, our MyBrownBaby bloggers lift the voices of African-American moms looking for the 411/advice/a high-five on everything from pregnancy and childrearing to sex, work, and relationships—all filtered through the lens of the African American experience.

She has also co-authored one of my favorite books at the moment with the ever funny Steve Harvey called Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. Besides this best seller, she is also the author to many other books as well as co-author to Nene Leakes (of Atlanta houewife fame) Never Make the Same Mistake Twice. This beautiful woman is doing her thing.

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  1. Michelle Obama is one of my role models. She is so positive and I truly respect her for being a awesome woman, wife and mother.

  2. You are such a gem—thank you so much for the shout out on one of MY favorite sites! Such an honor!

  3. I want to be Michelle Obama when I grown up. Beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and classy. Now that’s a role model.

  4. I’ve been getting my Denene fix before I knew she had it going on every which way. So successful and continues to keep it real, love her – you too :).

  5. Thanks Shynea for the top 5 this week. I thought I was the only one obsessed with all things Michelle Obama. While on vacation last week, I started reading the book Barack and Michelle. It really gives a view of both Barack and Michelle as people outside of the White House. Dah, I never put together after reading Steve’s book that it was Denene from My Brown Baby. I started following her blog about a month ago.

    Thanks for the top 5, keep them coming.

  6. I love this new post. I am still planning on checking out the Kmart site for the layaway options.
    I love finding new sites to browse and this week’s list will give me some reading material this week! Thanks!

  7. Great top 5 of the week!

  8. Wow – I’ve been to My Brown Baby several times and commented, read entries… where the heck have I been? I had NO idea she was an author – especially such an accomplished one! Wow. :) I have had a celeb comment on my blog … cool. haha

  9. This new feature is nice! Thanks for shedding the light on Centric. I will definately be all up on that. LOL! BTW I love Denene too, I had an opportunity to speak with her at blogalicious and she is very cool.

  10. I wonder if I have centric. I have to find that. I’ve been craving some new tv programming.

    And I will definitely check out that Michelle Obama site. I’m so happy that there is a site that highlights the positive contributions she makes and not what she wears because that was irking me! This woman has worked so hard to not simply be the educated, eloquent and powerful that she is but also use that to make positive contributions, and people want to obsess over her wardrobe choices. Ridiculous! She is so much more than that!

    I’m loving your 5!

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