Seal of ApprovalI have to say that this week has been a whirlwind of activity. I announced that my fiance and I have decided to get married and with that came the stressful duty of finding a dress, buying a ring and planning a romantic weekend. (I finally chose to go to a beautiful hotel that had a balcony with an ocean front view.)

Oddly enough I have taken the time to involuntarily breath and enjoy some “me time”. This week a few things brought a smile to my face and allowed me to relax amidst all of the chaos that I had created. So I have decided to start a new weekly feature called “The Diva’s Seal of Approval”  in which I share my top five favorite things from the week.

01. The website Black and Married With Kids.

Black And Married With Kids

I have long since been a stalker reader of this website, but it has currently become a daily read for me because I will now be able to truly relate to a lot of the topics that are covered. So often African American couplse are reflected negatively in the media, for once it is nice to see our relationships reflected in a positive light. They are my #1 today because they couple behind the website, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, step outside of the box to talk about all aspects of African American marriages, not just the bad.

They are also the powerhouse duo behind the independently filmed documentary Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage. (A must have on my “buy in the near future” list.) A best seller on Amazon already, this documentary explores the unions between happily married African American couples.

02. Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.

The Princess and the FrogDisney has always been a staple in my household. I grew up loving Cinderella and my fiance has been a long time fan of Bambi. You could imagine my excitement when I received an email saying that Disney has created a movie with the first African American princess. Although I have been a long time fan of Disney, it would have been even better if I had a Disney princess that I could relate to when I was younger.

Princess Tiana is staring in this tale of romance that is set for release in December 2009 of this year. Although I have a house full of boys, I see this movie being a favorite in my household. December is just around the corner and I can’t hardly wait to see this movie.

03. Carol’s Daughter

Carols DaughterLisa Price, the woman who has created some of the best body products ever, has teamed up with Disney to create a line that features Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. From bubble bath to hair detangler and shampoo your very own princess can bask in the luxury that is Carol’s Daughter.

The great thing about these products is that they are reasonably priced. Each individual item is $10 and under and you can get a three piece gift set for just $24. If you are looking for all natural products for either yourself or your children, then I would definitely recommend that you take a look at what Carol’s Daughter has to offer. (She also has quite the celebrity following as well.)

04. MTV’s The Hills

The HillsI am a reality show junkie. Even though I know that there is no longer any “real” in reality The Hills have been my choice of guilty pleasure for years. Yes, the girls are years younger than myself but I just can’t seem to peel myself away from the tv on Tuesday nights for 30 minutes of overdramafication. Now that Lauren has retired the resident bad girl Kristin is now taking the lead. (She has been my favorite since Laguna Beach.)

05. The Mo’nique Show

The Monique Show

I have been a fan of Mo’nique since The Queens of Comedy. She has now brought her comedic sense of humor to late night tv in the form of a talk show. You can catch her every week night on BET at 11pm EST bringing her sense of humor and gift of gab to the late night scene.

I am a HUGE fan of talk shows. (I have a career goal of one day hosting my own talk show.) I have been a fan of Mo’nique for the longest because she has always let it be known that “big is beautiful” to her. That you don’t have to be a size zero to be considered gorgeous. That a size 10, 12 or 18 can be just as sexy. She has preached positive self image since she has set foot on a stage and I can’t do anything besides support her in her new career endeavor.

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  1. We LOVE Carol’s Daughter:) Helps keep Anna’s fro and Abi’s puffs camera ready! (uh, well….usually)

    • Dear Kemi,

      I am definitely going to have to try Carol’s Daughter hair products on my two youngest son’s hair. They have a head full of hair and anything that will make it more manageable is a plus in my book. Thank you for the tip! 🙂

      Take care,

  2. I am really feeling your new weekly feature. I learn something new everyday just by visiting your website. And yes, I do check it at least twice a day. I don’t want to miss anything. Thanks for keeping us informed and for all that you do. YOU ARE A BLESSING!!!!

  3. I am really feeling your new weekly feature. I learn something new everyday just by visiting your website. And yes, I do check it at least twice a day. I don’t want to miss anything. Thanks for keeping us informed and for all that you do. YOU ARE A BLESSING!!!!
    BTW I love your blog!

  4. Thank you for sharing your favorite things! I love carol daughter’s products. They keep your hair shiny and healthy looking!

  5. That is a really great idea to share some of your favorites! And I am so happy to hear that you were able to get some down time and enjoy your wedding weekend!

    Many blessings to ya!


  6. Shynea,

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I just know you have the lowdown on discount wedding invites, dress, favors, etc. I’m getting married May 29th and would love any advice and places to check out. Thank you,


  7. I saw that disney princess costume in the disney store and its DARLING!!!


  8. Great List! I will need to check out The Princess and The Frog. We need some new movies!

  9. mo is too funny

  10. Oh wow, I had no idea made a black princess. I love this! I’m gonna have to look for a copy for my girls.

  11. Girl I am such a reality show junkie and the hubby just doesn’t get…celeb buzz is another guilty pleasure of mine 😉 Love your blog

  12. Congrats on your wedding! You will be a beautiful bride. Try to remember to just step back and breathe it all in on your special day.

  13. I get your email updates already! lol
    I love Carol’s daughter prods.

  14. I have a little 5 year old girl, going to introduce the Disney movie to her! Thanks!

  15. I’ve heard of that movie. And I’ve seen the trailer. I looks cute but I don’t think I’d go see it. I’m not into Disney princess movies anymore. But I think my niece would love it.

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