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So many times we don’t take the time to get to really “know” our significant other. In the beginning of our relationships we carried on all types of conversations from “tell me about your childhood” to “what are your life goals” and “what are your favorite things.” These conversations were fun and interesting in the beginning but after months, or years, of being together we often forget these little facts of information about them.

You can never fully get to know your spouse all at one time either. As months/years progress new things develope about them. They may change jobs, go back to school or graduate, or deal with a hardship. Each of these turns-of-events can change up a person’s entire social/emotional make-up. What they use to once like, or love to do, has been replaced by a new hobby or like.

Let’s spend this week refreshing our memories about what we think we know about our spouses.


Write down, or print out, the following questions. Before you even begin to ask your significant other any of these questions write down what you think is the answer. During the next few days carry on interesting conversations with your spouse to find out his answers. You can’t just out right ask him the questions word-for-word. The entire point of this exercise is to spark meaningful conversation with your significant other, so be creative in the way that you find out the answers. Later on, check out his answer compared to your answer and honestly score yourself. Come back here on Sunday to report how you did and share a story about how you creatively went about carrying on a conversation with your spouse.


    1. What is your significant’s other idea of success?
    2. Does your spouse enjoy his job? Why or why not.
    3. What memory about your spouse’s childhood brings a smile to his face?
    4. What was the most important day of your better half’s life?
    5. How did he know that you were the one?
    6. Out of all of your spouse’s friends, which one is he the closet too?
    7. What was your spouses first pet? (kind of animal) What was it’s name?
    8. What is your significant other’s drink of choice?
    9. What has been the most difficult job your spouse has ever had to work?

I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Any healthy relationship has communication. Communication starts by conversation. When you carry on a conversation, it shouldn’t just be about work, bills or the children. It should also be the time that you can sit down and really focus your attention on him. Give him your undivided attention and let him know that at that moment in time he is the most important person to you right now.

Happy talking!

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  1. GREAT Questions! My husband and I really enjoyed answering these questions! I knew most of the answers, but there were a few that I wasn’t so sure about. We actually work at home together (we run a business shipping out replacement heel tips through a website) and sometimes it feels like there’s nothing left to get to know about one another. Also, the undivided attention bit is a tough one! Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Great questions Shynea! Being married for 9yrs, you are absolutely correct, our conversation should be more than just the norm,and communication is SO important. Sometimes we don’t realize how important communication really is. Thanks again for the questions, and I will comment again after I get my answers.

  3. Ok, these questions sound good. I hate to admit that having been together so long (over 17 years) we do tend to talk about the kids or bills alot. Can’t wait to do this exercise!

  4. Yes we did this and he loved it he got to actually talk for once( I love to talk.) I must admit I missed a few questions!! This was a great experience for us though!

  5. These questions were great! I asked my husband all of them, however, before he answered them, I wrote down answers I thought he would say. To my surprise, he didn’t answer some of them like I thought he would and he liked the little excersise! He was very curious on why I was asking the questions and I would say “baby I just want to see how much I know you” Thanks again Shynea! You started the wheels turning in my head, now I’ve made up some of my own questions.

  6. I love this idea and will be saving them and trying it out! We have been married almost a whole decade and some of this we should start talking about more! Thanks!

  7. This is very cool! I like the questions you picked – they’re things that everyone should know about their spouse. It can be so easy to lose your focus and stop communicating when things get busy, the kids want attention, you want to blog (lol) and he’s a gamer dude (lol)… I’m going to ask these for sure. 🙂

    Think I’ll go look back and see how many of these posts I missed…

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