I am continuing on this week answering some of the questions that you, my beautiful readers, asked me last week. I like to think of myself as an open book, and although I don’t post too many personal things about myself on my website that all will be changing in the New Year. I am playing around with the layout so I can incorporate more of me, and my family, into Penny Pinching Diva. There are many changes to come, so I hope y’all enjoy them.

My next question comes to me from Ki. She wanted to know:

Hi Shynea, I noticed on twitter you mentioned coming to Alabama, well going lol. Can I ask what part of AL you are from? I too live in Alabama, I live west of Birmingham. Also are you interested in any crafts?

Oh Alabama. Home sweet home. I am from a VERY small town north of Birmingham. (About 45 minutes away.) It’s right outside of Oxford. I am glad to see that I have a fellow Alabamian reading my blog.

I would like to think of myself as a crafty person. I like making all different kinds of crafts, but my preference is paper crafting. Creating scrapbook layouts, custom cards or photo gifts are a few of my favorite things to do. I even taught a few classes at Hobby Lobby when I lived in Alabama. (Although the experience was “interesting” I learned a lot from those first few classes and would be more than willing to teach classes again in the future.)

I know I’m a visual person, so here are a few pictures of some of my favorite paper crafts that I have made:


This was a photo brag box that I had created to give to my in-laws. (I also taught a class on how to make these neat, but simple, boxes.) I like this because it is just like scrapbooking but compact. You can lay it flat and ship it in an envelope. You can also journal on it and add pictures and momentos as well.


This was a brag book that I made out of coasters that I ordered in bulk online. I finished this one and gave it to my husband (who was my fiance at the time).



This was a cardboard Love book that I had made for my husband for our 2 year anniversary. I liked this a lot because I got the chance to experiment with decoupage.


This was a simple tag book that I had made for my third son. I like this a lot because I had all of these tags sitting in my scrapbook bag and I didn’t know what to do with them. This was also my first time making any kind of card.

Are any of you divas out there crafty? Share.

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  1. i like those crafts, shynea! those are pretty!

  2. Gawd, those are so neat! I wish I was crafty. I’m looking at your pictures, thinking “I should try that..I can do something like that.” No you can’t Mona…no you can’t. I just don’t have that “crafty gene” but I love seeing the work of people who do.

  3. WOW those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. These are awesome. Ok, can you give me some help? I have planned a scrapbook since she was born-she just turned 3. No idea where to start.

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