I am really excited to post this freebie. Ever since I have been blogging I have not had to pay for any type of photo cards. I received a set of free Valentine’s Day photo cards last year, and this year the deal is even better. (The image above is a sneak peak of the Valentine’s Day cards that I ordered.)

SeeHere is offering a set of 29 free 4×8 photo cards to their customers.

Here is how to get your free photo cards (I chose Valentine’s Day themed ones):

  • First, register for a new account with
  • Once you have registered begin creating your 4×8 photo cards.
  • After you have finished, add EXACTLY 29 cards to your shopping cart.
  • Use promotional code newbaby at checkout.
  • Your final cost is $0. This includes FREE shipping and handling.

Hurry up and order your cards as soon as possible. There is no telling how long this offer will last.

Thank you to It’s Hip 2 Save for this awesome VDay freebie.

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  1. Ordered and worked! Thanks mama!

    • Dear Mami2Mommy,

      I’m glad it worked for you. Now you’re going to have to send me one. 😉

      Take care,

  2. Yea just ordered mines too…thanks Diva!!!

    • Dear dcdasexy1,

      You’re more than welcome. I had to test this one out to make sure that it was good and it was. It’s my pleasure to share awesome freebies like this.

      Take care,

  3. I’m going to order mine as soon as I get home. Thanks! This is a GREAT deal!!!!

    • Dear Nicole,

      I hope that this offer is still available when you get home. I’m crossing my fingers for you.

      Take care,

  4. It worked! Yay! Thanks you for this awesome deal!

    • Dear Christina,

      You are more than welcome. Photos are a staple in my family because we live seven hours away from my side and I like to send pictures to them often.

      Take care,,

  5. I just ordered. Thanks for the tip!

  6. The free shipping is not working now. Please post how to get free shipping

    • Dear Observer,

      I’m sorry if the free shipping is not working now. This was a special that was offered yesterday and I posted it as soon as I could with the free shipping offer. If they have taken it away I am not able to offer a code/scenario for free shipping.

      Take care,

  7. Still a great deal. Thank You!

    Shipping and Handling $ 4.99
    DIscount -$ 14.21
    Subtotal (Pre-Tax) $ 4.99
    Total $ 4.99

    • Dear Tanyetta,

      I am glad that you thought that this was a great deal. I think that for $4.99 for 29 custom photo cards is still a great deal.

      Take care,

  8. Dont know how you all did it but shipping was costing 4.99 and was not free for me.

    • Dear Jackie,

      The free shipping offer looks like it expired this morning. It was working yesturday all the way up until about 8am this morning. I do apologize that you weren’t able to redeem this in time for the free shipping.

      Take care,

  9. Thanks for the great freebie! Hope I’m not too late.

    • Dear Dee,

      Were you able to order your set of photo cards?

      Take care,

  10. The shipping was NOT free when i tried to place an order for 29 Valentine cards. I put in the code “newbaby” as directed but shipping and handling said $4.99. Did I do something wrong?? or was it changed??

    • Sorry nevermind i see the other comments…disregard.

  11. I was too late for the free shipping, but $4.99 was still a great deal! Plus, as a new member, I got 50 4×6 prints FREE (just $3.19 s/h). Thank you!!!!

    • Dear Nicole,

      I’m sorry that you were late for the free shipping, but I have to agree that $4.99 is a great offer and I also got the 50 free prints offer which I will be taking advantage of next week.

      Take care,

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