As the mother of two small children still in diapers, I know how expensive purchasing diapers and diaper wipes can be. We go through at least half a case of diapers and two refill packages of wipes per week. I try not to be brand loyal but I find myself gravitating towards Huggies diapers because they afford me the quality that I need for the amount of money that I want to spend. Whenever I can find my favorite brand of diapers on sale I make sure that I stock up until the next sale.

Huggies and Pampers are two great diaper brands, not just because of the quality of their product, but for the fact that they offer their customers a loyalty rewards program. If you are already a regular purchaser of either Huggies or Pampers then you should utilize the program that they have set into place to get the most out of your diapers.

Huggies rewards program is called Enjoy the Ride Rewards. Participation in this loyalty program is easy. Each package of Huggies diapers or wipes will contain a small, yellow sticker with the rewards code on it. The rewards code is 12 letters long, and depending on what size diapers or wipes you purchase, you can get anywhere from 5-20 points added to your loyalty account. Once you have collected a certain amount of points you can cash them in for some very nice prizes ranging from gift cards to gas cards and toys. (Currently I am going for the $25 gift card to Gap which is around 625 points.)

Pampers rewards program is called Gifts to Grow. Just like Huggies, participating in this program is just as easy. With the revamp of their loyalty program, Pampers is making it easy for their customers to collect points and enter them in for rewards. Their rewards code is 15 letters and numbers long, and depending on what product you purchase you can get anywhere from 5-180 points added to your loyalty account. Once you have accumulated enough points you can trade them in for prizes ranging from gift cards to toys to Shutterfly rewards.

By participating in your diapers loyalty program you are getting the most use out of the diapers that you purchase.

If you are a regular purchaser of these two brands of diapers, and you haven’t already joined their customer loyalty program, then I suggest that you sign up for a free account this weekend. Occassionally each program will release free rewards points to all of their customers to enter into their account to get free points added to their account. Whenever I come across any of these rewards codes I will post them right here on Penny Pinching Diva.

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  1. I am a faithful Huggies mom 🙂 haha We have used Huggies Supreme since our first daughter was born nearly 10 years ago. Of course, we have tried other brands – and nonbrands – over the years, but always ended up back with Huggies Supreme. We also use Huggies wipes and were ecstatic when they came out with the new Thick and Clean version! 🙂

    • Dear Kat,

      Huggies is the ONLY diapers that I will buy once my kids start moving. They are the only brand that I have tried that won’t leak all over the place. You should sign up for their rewards program and start collecting points. You can cash them in for toys for Zoe or gift cards for you.

      Take care,

  2. I really enjoy the huggies rewards site. I have received TWO gift cards and I am crossing my fingers to win the camera in the sweeps. Fat Chance but, hey doesn’t hurt to try 🙂

    • Dear Tanyetta,

      I will be crossing my fingers for you as well. You never know, someone has to win that camera. 😉

      Take care,

  3. I’m personally a Pampers fan, but have used Huggies from time to time too. They are both great diapers. I was able to get a great Shutterfly prints package with my Gifts to Grow points. I ran into a problem redeeming the code on Shutterfly’s website (I think because I waited a long time to use it), but Shutterfly was GREAT about fixing the issue, even though it wasn’t their fault. They credited my account with all of the free prints I was due. I wish Pampers would offer some better rewards though, overall. The Shutterfly items are a great deal, but there aren’t many gift cards and the shipping costs for toys are crazy!

    I also recommend participating in the Babies R Us rewards program if you buy diapers there. It has taken me a while because I don’t always shop there, but I just earned a free value box of diapers!

    • Dear Jennifer,

      Have you been on the Pampers Gifts to Grow site recently? They no long charge for shipping and handling on any of their items except the Shutterfly rewards. Everything else is free shipping. I use to participate in the program, but I found that once my babies were on the move that Huggies gave them the coverage that they needed. They are both VERY good diapers though.

      Thank you for the tip on Babies R Us. I didn’t know that they had a rewards program. I will have to check that out.

      Take care,

  4. Oh, thanks for clearing that up Shynea! I have been on the site, but hadn’t noticed the free shipping. I must be blind 🙂 That’s a great improvement!

    The Babies R Us rewards used to be for Pampers only, but they added Huggies and a few other products. If you buy 9 value boxes of Huggies you will get a 10th free. They also keep track of spending on other items (both at BRU and TRU) and you can get coupons and gift cards if you spend enough.

  5. If you’re really looking to pinch your pennies you might consider cloth diapering. I got hand-me-down cloth diapers from friends when I was pregnant with my first kid and used them for five years with two babies before passing them on to another friend.

    The only thing I ever had to pay for was water and laundry soap. As a bonus, both my kids were potty-trained before they were two!

    • Dear Sierra Black,

      I have always wanted to cloth diaper my children and am thinking really strongly about cloth diapering my soon-to-be-fifth. I have heard so many good things about cloth diapering, not only the cost saving aspects of it, and I really want to try it out with my soon-to-be baby.

      Take care, and thank you for the tip,

  6. I love Huggies and I am a former Luvs mom, until they redesigned their diapers and now they leak way too easily.
    I do participate in both rewards programs for Huggies and Pampers. Love it!

    • Dear Priscilla,

      I use to love me some Luvs with my first son. I stopped using them too when they changed the way they made them and they started leaking way to much. Then I went to Pampers, but once my boys got mobile they leaked too. Now I’m a Huggies mom!

      Take care,

  7. I am a loyal Pampers mom. Huggies would be second. I have so much trouble with the huggies diapers smelling so strongly of urine. Whenever one of my kids(I have 2 in diapers full time and 2 in pull ups at night) pees, even a little bit I can’t stand to be near them, i don’t have that problem with pampers and have never had a problem with leaking an pampers. I participate in both rewards though and am a big couponer, so which ever is a better deal is what we use. I recently had trouble with the dye on the pampers running all over my daughte’s legs, I called the company and they sent me $40. Great customer service!!

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