Whenever a holiday passes I’m always doing my best to think ahead to the next year’s festivities. Valentine’s Day is no different. The day after Valentine’s yields a lot of marked down merchandise, sometimes as much as 75% off. With a little planning, you can buy the majority, if not all,¬†of next years holiday supplies this year.

Below is a list of items that can be purchased now and saveD for later or used throughout the year.

  • Valentines cards. This goes for both personal use and your children’s school use. I have two sons that are currently in elementary school. Last year on the 15th most stores marked down their boxed Valentine cards 75%. I bought two boxes and ended up spending a total of $1.00 for both boxes. Go ahead and buy the boxed cards, as well as the individual cards, and you will find yourself avoiding the holiday rush next year.
  • Themed plates, cups and napkins. This is one of my favorite purchases. If you go to any mass retailer they will usually sell the small, cutesy plastic cups in a six pack for about $2 to $3. I waited until the 16th last year and found these marked down 90%. I bought several packages of these and used them throughout the year. With little ones in the house, it is always nice to know that if these cups are dropped on the floor they will not break. And if one does get broken? No big deal. They were only about $.05 a piece anyways. And the plates and napkins? Put them away for next year’s party.
  • Stuffed animals. I always try to buy the ones that are red or white but don’t have any writing or hearts on them. Why? Because I use these throughout the year to give away as presents. They are very nice to drop off to someone in the hospital or to put in stockings around Christmas time. If you make crafty items, such as diaper cakes, these would be very nice toppers.
  • Gift bags and tissue paper. These are another one of my favorite things to snatch up. I love buying the plain red, white or silver gift bags because I hold onto them until Christmas time. If you can’t find any plain bags buy the ones with the hearts on them to put anniversary presents in. And if all else fails, save them for next years festivities. The tissue paper can be used throughout the year as well depending on the design imprinted on them.
  • Chocolate. I love baking. I am getting into it more and more and I often use chocolate in my recipes. I love buying the bags with the bite sized individual candy bars in them. (Especially the Hershey’s Dark Chocolate.) I use these in my desserts throughout the year. They are the perfect size to melt in a microwave safe bowl and add them to brownies and cake batter. You can also place them in the food processor, grind them up and make your own ice cream or dessert topping. They also store very well in the freezer.
  • Heart shaped cake pans, cupcake tins and cookie cutters. These items are great for the kids. I bought cookie cutters last year for $.25 a piece. The cake pans and cupcake tins were also marked down substantially. Besides the obvious tip of putting them in your kitchen cabinet for later use, try using them throughout the year. Heart shaped cakes aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. You have anniversaries, birthdays and just because days. The plastic cookie cutters can be placed in your child’s play kitchen for them to use during their “make believe time“. They can also be used during craft time to cut play dough with and to trace around.

These are just a few of the items that you can buy on clearance that can be used by your family throughout the year.

What other items will you be buying on clearance for the after Valentine’s Day sale?

This post was originally published on February 19th, 2009.

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  1. You are so crafty Shynea…I love all of the tips. Thank you!

    • Dear KO,

      Oh no my dear, I’m not crafty just cheap. lol I refuse to pay full price when I can buy it on clearance and store it in my closet for next year.

      Take care,

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