We go through sippy cups on a weekly basis. To transition my two baby boys from bottles to sippy cups, I introduced them to the sippy cups that had a soft spout instead of the hard spout. This was the best, and worse, thing that I could have done because they now refuse to drink from a sippy cup with a hard spout. Normally this would be fine, but there is one problem:

I have a chewer.

My two year old son loves to chew on the soft spout of his sippy cup. The end results? He goes through a cup a week because he chews a hole and then mass leakage occurs. (To even begin to express my aggravation would be an understatement. I have a suede couch with plenty of milk and juice stains on it now.)

When I was asked to review the sippy cups by Tommee Tippee I was kind of skeptical. It is very hard to introduce new sippy cups to my sons. I have tried, and failed miserably, but I decided to try them anyways. (It couldn’t hurt, right?)

The results were bliss.

Nap time wasn’t the struggle that I thought it would be when laying my children down with a new sippy cup. In fact, my one year old son enjoyed it so much that he fell asleep with his the Tommee Tippee sippy cup laying right beside him. (That is him, on my suede couch with NO new milk stains.)

The Tommee Tippee cup has plenty of advantages that I liked about it:

  • The inner capacity of it was amazing. It held 1.5 times the amount of liquid than their regular sippy cup. Usually I have to do two fill-ups with their juice during nap times but with this cup one was sufficient enough.
  • The cup was wider and had rubber grips on the side of it. At first I was worried that my sons wouldn’t be able to hold the cup because it was a little wider than usual, but the rubber grippings allowed them to hold it with ease.
  • The spout on the Tommee Tippee was both hard and soft. It had a soft, out cover that resembled the softness of their original sippy cut, but the inside of the spout still had a hard plastic shell underneath. I didn’t have to worry about my two year old son chewing too much because I knew that he wouldn’t be in harms way of swallowing the spout.
  • The sippy cup also has a protective lid on it. This was a major bonus to me. I am the mom that looses the plastic tops to her children’s bottles and cups. This sippy cup had it attached right to the lid and I liked that. When they were done drinking from it, I could just flip the lid over onto the spout and tuck it inside my purse, or back in the refrigerator, and not have to worry about air born germs.
  • The Tommee Tippee cup said spill proof and it actually meant it. My sons are your typical boys. They like to throw things and this sippy cup was put through the ringer. They had it tossed all over my floor, into the wall and down some stairs. What happened? No leakage. The cup has a few nicks in it, but the apple juice that was on the inside of it stayed on the inside.

This sippy cup gets my Mommy Seal of Approval. It really does. For a cup that has not been available in the United States until now, I cannot wait to see it on the store shelves. Although nap time and feedings are a very small portion of my day, it helps tremendously when I can find products that allows me to make my job of being a mother a little bit easier. Any milliseconds of free time that I can get to bond even more with my sons is worth my investment in a product.

I received these sippy cups from Tommee Tippee to review, in hopes that I would provide my readers with my honest opinion on their product. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I was in no way compensated monetarily for this review. This review was made possible by Mom Bloggers Club.

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  1. Wow, this is a really great review! I am actually very happy that you posted this. I went to their site and looked at the product line and was very pleased to find something that I have been looking for. I have been trying to find cups to help transition Lincoln from sippy to regular cups and the Explora line they have is great and at a great price too! Thanks! 🙂

  2. I’ve heard a lot about these cups and have been wondering about them. I have to admit that the advertising approach that Babies R Us has been using kind of annoys me though. I don’t like it when companies tout products as #1 in the UK!!! or Bestseller in Europe!!! or whatever the case may be. I lived in the UK for a year, and they are just regular people like us, who happen to have different products available to them. The notion that we should all want to copy Europeans bugs me to no end.

    But anyway…I’m kind of veering off topic. Sorry 🙂 I am really glad you had a chance to review these cups. I have had a heck of a time finding just the right sippy for my son. Most of the leak proof cups are impossible for him to drink from. I had to take an X-Acto knife to his latest round of cups to make adjustments to the leak-proof valve so that he could get liquid through it. He likes to chew on his cups too, and the plastic gets worn out quickly. I will need to replace his cups soon, so maybe I will take a look at Tommee Tippee – I’ve tried quite a few others already.

    One quick question: what is the valve system like? Is it built-in, or is it a separate piece? I’m not a fan of cups with lots of small parts to clean.

  3. Thank you for this review Shynea…I have been trying to find a sippy cup that doesn’t leak, that my daughter won’t chew through, and that I can tote around in my purse without having any ugly spills. I checked out the website and I was really surprised how reasonably priced these were. I’m gonna have to check these out…Maybe me and my baby will make a trip to Babies R Us tomorrow!

  4. As I already told you, you sold me on these cups when we were on the phone. lol I’m the same way – we go through sippy cups as though they were disposable! I am definitely thinking about trying these 🙂

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