In a previous post, I gave my readers the chance to download my Penny Pinching  Diva Coupon Binder Dividers. The response and downloads from that post was overwhelming so I have decided to show you exactly how my coupon binder looks, and the supplies that you would need to make your own. Not every coupon binder will look the same, or be organized the same, but I believe in K.I.S.S. (Keeping It Super Simple). This binder has the bare necessities but it still allows me to organize my coupons with efficiency.

Step 01. Purchase a zippered binder.

There are many different styles of binders for sale, but I chose to use a zippered binder as my coupon binder of choice. It keeps little hands out of my coupon stash and I don’t have to worry about dropping it and having my coupons, fliers and supplies  fly out everywhere.

I also like the inside of a zippered binder because it has the compartments and space that I need as well. On the left hand side I have a pocket that I keep all of my store circular ads inside. I carry them with me everywhere I go, because you never know when you might have to price comparison.

Step 02. Coupon binder supplies.

I have a few necessary supplies in my coupon binder. The first thing that I purchased was a zippered pencil case. (Some binders have this inside of them already.) Inside the pencil case I keep a pair of scissors, a calculator, a highlighter and a pen. These are all of the supplies I need when I cut out my coupons, make my grocery list, and then when I’m in the store grocery shopping.

Step 03. The divider tabs.

I have a total of twenty-one categories in my coupon binder. I purchase two packages of eight divider tabs and then one package of five divider tabs. Even though I provided you with my outline of how I divide my binder, you may want to add, or take away, dividers as you use them.

I make sure that I have each of my tabs labeled clearly with all of my categories. The good thing about these tabs, besides the awesome colors, is the fact that they are erasable. So if at anytime my needs for categories changes, I can erase the ones that I no longer use and reuse them without having to buy another set. TIP: Make sure you invest and get the plastic dividers and not the paper. They last a lot longer.

Step 04. The baseball card pockets.

I use the nine pocket baseball pages to store my coupons in. They’re very convienant to use because they are see through and I can flip easily through my binder to find the coupons that I need while I’m grocery shopping. If a coupon is too big to fit in the pocket, I fold it in half and slide it on in.

And this is my coupon binder!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I will answer them as soon as possible.

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  1. i like this…im definitely tryin it!

  2. I love it. The thing about your binder is that it is cost efficient. I’ve seen binder systems for couponing being sold at $30 or more. It’s kind of defeating the whole purpose of couponing which is FRUGALITY! lol Yours is awesome – highly customizable but yet extremely thorough! I’m going to build mine at some point this week. Thanks for the wonderful tips!!!

  3. Love it! I am going to create one this week (my coupons are so unorganized and I’m constantly dropping/losing them). Thank you for sharing!!!!

  4. I would love to do this! My question is, where did you find the baseball card pages? I have no idea where to look for something like that.

    • You can find the baseball card holders at pretty much any of the major stores like Target and Walmart. At Target they are usually by the last register where they sell the pokemon cards and stuff like that. At Walmart you can find them in the same area. Although some walmarts have them right by the books or the “as seen on TV” products which are by the register. Ive been using them too and it makes a world of difference.

      • Thank you Maria! My Walmart had them in one of the center checkouts. Now I have everything I need and can’t wait to put my binder together!

    • amazon has awesome 9 pocket, 8 pocket and 6 pocket..I like the 8 pocket ones..they are much better quality then walmart.

  5. I’ve been using a coupon binder for about 6 months now and I must say it’s made shopping with coupons alot easier. My binder looks alot like yours, but I got the dividers with the pockets. I didn’t think to add the table of contents though (with the owner info)! Great ideas!

  6. I do have one question, is there a certain way that you organize the actual coupons in the baseball pages, such as by date or alphabetically, etc???? Just wondering….I am excited to get my binder going and trying it out! Thanks so much!

  7. I tried using this system and found it hard to
    keep it current. A lot of my coupons would expire before I got to use them. What is your advise on keeping up with this system? Do you clip all the coupons or just the ones you are using for your shopping trip?

    • I’ve been using this system for over a year now and it is by far the best way to coupon. I’ve gone through many different phases and I think I have perfected my technique. I never clip my p&g because they usually expire in 1 month. I have a plastic folder with holes in the front of my binder that I keep them in. If you spend time pulling out expired coupons and then putting new ones in, you are doubling your work. When I clip my new coupons for the week, as I am putting them in their slots I skim through the section I am in and take out the expired coupons. To optimize the system you should only put like coupons in the same spot. Hope this helps!

    • Kim L…I skim thru too as Im inserting new coupons each week OR if my daughter is not doing anything I call “productive” I have her go thru it and reward her with a specialty treat of her choice.

  8. Oh okay, now I can see what you meant by coupon binder! I can use some of Chuckie’s Pokemon card pages!! I am going to create mine soon!

  9. Much more organized than mine!

  10. I love this idea, but do you take the whole thing to the store with you or do you take out what you need? My little pocket organizer fits right in my purse.

  11. Very Very Organized!!!!

  12. I have a small coupon divider, but I will be getting a binder. I think you can be more organized with a binder…love it

  13. I been using the binders for years. I’ve recently moved up to a zippered binder with handles that I found at walmart. I use the pokemon card holders and labels. my coupon are in aphabetical order. I only clip the coupons that I am going to use or print the ones off of the internet. I carry the binder in my car, you never know when you have to dash in the store for something quick. Also keep in mind if a coupon comes out in the paper the item usually goes on sale within 2 weeks so save the coupon. Check publix if there’s one in your area for coupon boxes on the isles. you can combine store and vendor coupons for extra savings (check with the store.) I live in Fla. there are no store here that double coupons anymore that is also a great saving.

  14. Just wondering where you purchased the colorful dividers. Your binder looks great and seems very organized and easy to use.

    • Dear Sherri,

      I bought the tabs from Wal-Mart in the school supply section. They range from $2 – $5 per pack.

      Take care,

  15. I finally got a chance to look at your masterpiece. Now I am going back to tweek my binder. This is a great and organized idea!

  16. That’s what those sheets are called! The ones for baseball cards. I have a 4×6 photo album where the sheets fold up accordion style. I was thinking of using that since I don’t have a huge collection of coupons. I think I’ll eventually get a binder.

  17. Looks much like mine I did print out the sheets u had as well. Oh and the comment about Publix is true I just found out that they take competitors coupons!!I was able to get Sure deodorant $.39 using there coupons and manufact! and the NEW hidden valley ranch dressing for $.49 too!!

  18. I have a binder as well, but yours is a lot more organized and so, I’m going to copy you! Thank you for sharing tips and especially the photo’s!
    This would make a great secret sister gift too!

  19. LOVE IT!!!! I am going to get my supplies tonight.

  20. yes i need this!!! thank you

  21. I love your system. I have been encouraging a lot of my friends to use coupons even to the extent of giving them the little accordion holders to take around with them ($1 at target). I am a little more serious about it these days and with a 2 year old the binder may save more time in the store and I clip everything just incase I see it on sale or have a friend or even see someone in the store with the item in their cart. I am switching to the binder and actually working on it today. Thanks for your tips and all your information this is great help.

  22. Currently, i’m using the little coupon dividers that fits in my purse. I’m thinking of switching to the coupon binder. However, is this too big or bulky when you take it to the grocery store? (my only concern). Are there any slightly smaller binkers that can be used with smaller photo holders or baseball card holders?

    • I take “Racquel” (my binder) with me every where I go!!! I pop her right in the seat part of the cart to tag along! I had been having some issues with it staying put while pushing my cart so I now, take the straps that fasten the child in and fasten it around the part between leg area and make a “stand” so when I now place my opened binder in the cart…it stay put!!

      I take my binder with me because you never know when you will come upon a clearance item that you have a coupon for it’s right there with you instead of being at home!!!

      • I find that if I lay the binder on spine and open it towards me it will stay put.

  23. Hay! I have the same binder…got it from my favorite man–CLEARANCE! LOL

    I have my binder set up similarily to yours! LOVE IT!

  24. Thank you for this wonderful idea! I just love, love, love my coupon binder. I am always getting compliments on it and request for one. I take it everywhere I go because I usually be sure to get it just like I would my purse. I keep restaurant coupons, department store coupons, sale papers and sometimes magazines with recipes in them. This is such an awesome idea and investment. Along with my recycled bags (which I use in just about every store) and my coupon binder, I have it GOING on!

  25. so EXCITED! I made a binder today. I used a scrapbooking bag that i had for stickers with 12×12 pages for stickers…I LOVE IT! can’t wait to go shopping in the morning. the best part is I recycled things in the house and the only money I spent was the money for the ink that I used to print out labels for each pocket and the tape to tape it down!!!

  26. Awesome. The tabs are super cute! I’m planning on switching to the binder method, so your categorizing and ideas have inspired me. 🙂 Thanks for posting!

  27. I love this idea and headed to walmart now to get my binder up and running…LOL…Thanks Shynea…

  28. thank you, thank you, thank you! this is exACTly what i’ve been looking for as i start (today! squeee!) the process of learning how to coupon. 🙂

  29. Too funny!! I hadn’t even come across your site until today, when I was searching for coupon binder organization. I’m working on getting mine set up and trying to decide on what categories I wanted. I’ve been using an accordion folder, and it’s getting to be too much the further I get into couponing. Too messy. Anyway, the funny part, I bought the exact same binder and tab dividers!! Again, BEFORE I had ever saw your site! Great minds think alike, huh?!? 😉 Thanks for the tips in here!!

  30. I have this same exact binder, colors and all, for my coupon binder and I LOVE IT!

  31. I too am in the process of going to binder ….. Im using sport card pages and Ive also pit in it my freezer and pantry inventory lists.
    I have 2 small accordian plastic cases – 1 is for discount coupons for stores and the other is food establishments that I will keep in the car.

    **Kimberly M … that is soo cute, that you’ve named your binder, hmmm, I will have to find one for mine (hope it is easier than choosing a child’s name LOL)

  32. Hi,
    I have a binder, baseball sheets and divider’s.. However how did you organize the divider’s ? Dairy / Meat etc ?
    We want our binder to be as eficent aa we can, I live with chronic pain and can’t be in the store for long periods of time…
    Thank You for such an amazing website.. I’ll add it to my favorites

  33. I have the same binder and dividers. I haven’t put my dividers in but I do have a table of contents and so on.

  34. hey this is sooo preeetttyyy where do find it online ???


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