Just when I go to bragging about Kmart, they do something incredibly devious and unethical. I posted a link to a coupon last night for $10 off of a $20 Kmart purchase. (I am glad that I downloaded and saved the ORIGINAL coupon that was posted, as it states something COMPLETELY different from the version that they have posted now.) They have updated the terms and conditions on the coupon to reflect their new rules and are no longer honoring the ORIGINAL coupon.

In the ORIGINAL coupon it stated that this coupon will be honored at ALL Kmart stores. It’s not a fradulent coupon as you can tell by quickly glancing at your browsers address bar it states “…..” at the beginning of the URL. It came DIRECTLY from the Kmart website itself.

Some of the emails/comments that I have received have been really unncessary.  I can understand that some of you are angry. But angry at me? Can you please justify that feeling? I didn’t mislead you or post false information. I did not post a fraudelent coupon. I did not create a post just to get traffic to mysite. WHAT I DID DO was try to post a coupon that would help family’s save money. WHAT I DID DO was verify that this coupon was legitimate before I posted it. WHAT I DID DO was try my  best to be helpful.

Which makes me want to reiterate a letter that I posted to my readers a year ago addressing a situation almost EXACTLY like this one:

Dear Readers,

 I think that it’s so sad when I receive hateful and nasty comments on my blog. I didn’t create this blog for me. I created it so I could share all of the deals and sales that I come across. I try to post the most legitimate information that I can. EVERY deal, freebie, coupon or scenario I post is something that I have done,signed up for, will do or printed out myself.

Every once-in-awhile a company will post a deal, or in this case a coupon, on their site to attract customers to their store. I do my best to research every freebie as much as I can before I post it on my site. That is why you will see a freebie offer on my site days after you have seen it on another site. It’s because I don’t want to hear that one of my readers have been taken advantage of.

Will I be able to spot out a freebie gone wrong every time? No, I will not. I’ll try, but I will never be able to catch everything. Some false deals will slip through my fingers every once-in-awhile. What can I do about it? I can apologize to my readers and sympathize that a company has taken advantage of their customers. Further more, I will contact that company to let them know of their false advertisement and misleadings to their customers.

For those who leave the nasty comments, you are not the only one who has been treated unfairly by a company. What did I do? I called corporate to get some understanding on the situation. What did I NOT do? I didn’t throw a hissy fit in the middle of the store and shout at an innocent employee.

With the economy the way it is, I am all about “pinching pennies“, stretching a dollar and cutting corners. I am NOT all about being rude to the bloggers who try their best to bring me information on legitimate offers. I’m only human and we all make mistakes. I do know that I have helped WAY more people with the information that I provide then I have hurt them. And I will continue to help as long as one person benefits from my information.

I just ask that you consider what you are saying in your comments before you hit send. This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY site. Curse words will never be tolerated here. I understand that you are angry but you can express yourself without trying to be rude and nasty to me, and you can also do it without cursing as well.

I never thought the day would come where I would have to moderate my comments but that day has arrived. It’s so sad but it’s true. The community that I am trying to form around my blog has started to bring in one or two people who are trying to make it unpleasant for everyone else.

I just wanted to remind everyone who visits here to please keep in mind that I am only human. I am also a working mother to four little boys and even though this blog is important to me, it doesn’t allow me to spend vast amounts of time researching every offer that I post thoroughly. I do this for free and I do this to help other women and their families. Please keep this in mind when you try to berate me for trying to help someone else out.

Take care,

I DON’T charge a fee for anyone to accecss the information on my website. I do this completely free-of-charge to you although I know that there are plenty of websites that require a fee to do the research, and dedicate the amount of time, that I do each and EVERY day on Penny Pinching Diva.

This blog is a one woman show and I can only do so much as ONE woman. I will NO LONGER apologize when a company dupes their customers as it is not DIRECTLY my fault. You are not the only ones who couldn’t process the coupon. I have contacted Kmart’s corporate office with no return response so what I can do now is keep trying to contact someone to get a clear understanding on the situation.

I try my HARDEST to bring the best deals to this website and I refuse to let a few nasty comments and readers ruin it for the vast majority of people who benefit from my site. From now on, people who feel the need to be nasty to me will be PERMANENTLY BLOCKED from the website.

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  1. Wow, I’m sorry you got such nasty emails/comments. Yikes!! I also saw and saved the “original” coupon and it did not say anything about Chicagoland IL stores WHATSOEVER! The new coupon (same link used as the “original” is altered and lists only a few Chicagoland IL stores.

    The first coupon was a real coupon AND came from the KMart store website. Anybody who says or thinks different is W.R.O.N.G.

    Anywho, I hope you don’t let those “Negative Nellys” get to you! 🙂

  2. Unfortunately with success comes nasty people 🙁

    I actually took the time to read the terms on the original coupon, because based on the url it looked like it might be regional. But there was no doubt it was genuine, and nothing stated that it could not be used at all KMart stores. Basically KMart messed up here, NOT you, or any other blogger who posted the coupon. They should realize by now that great coupons go viral pretty quickly. It is their responsibility to communicate the proper terms on a publicly posted coupon.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to visit. I’m sure there are plenty like me who do appreciate not only the deals, but also your wonderful personality, and we will keep coming back! 🙂

  3. I truly appreciate all of your posts. I hate that anyone would be mean or angry as you have no control of what happens after the coupon is posted. I posted early because I was bummed that I could not use it. I think that what you do is great and whoever gets angry should look elsewhere because that is not called for. I will continue to frequent your site and if I can’t use a coupon I move on to the next one I love to see what’s next

  4. Oh Shynea, I don’t think anyone blames you hun. Internet coupons are a tricky thing and it was completely the fault of K-Mart for doing this bait and switch crap with the coupon, not yours!

  5. Dear Diva,
    As you know, I am new to your site. In just 4 weeks of signing on I have saved more than 120.00 on items that I use regularly. You have never asked for compensation, favors or even as much as a thank you. I am just sickened that anyone would feel the need to take any issues out on you as we all know that these are limited.In my area, they are even more resticted.I miss out even when signing on the same day! BUT I cannot imagine that to be you obligation. Thank you for all you do for me. I work 2 jobs to support my family and I have no time to sit with the paper. Until your sight, I could not afford to get the paper delivered! This week I have signed up for the sunday, so that I can get even more savings. it takes me 5-20 minutes a week to get 40-60 dollars savings. Thank you and thank you to all the other folks that add their findings on here as well. May peace be with you, and everyone please do not take this lady for granted. She is a valuable asset!
    love you!

  6. I also am sorry that you recieved negative comments. I know that you do a great job to inform us of great deals. Keep up the good work I really appreciate it. Thank you.

  7. So, I am totally bummed about the coupon. I got all excited about getting the new movie so cheap. However, it is not your fault that the company is not honoring it. I am sorry that people are being nasty to you!! That is totally uncalled for.

  8. Don’t stress it! The Target deal on the movie worked great! I got the movie for $15.99, used the $5 off coupon, I bought two boxes of Ban-Aids with two $1/1 Target coupons in order get the Band-Aid $5 rebate & I used the $5 gift card I received from the great Shredded Mini Wheats deal you put me on to! So, I got a movie, Band-Aids, and cereal for awhile. Girl, your real fans have nothing but love and respect for what you do. As a new stay-at-home mom you are vital to my transition!

  9. hate on haters
    i feel that u do a very great job at what u do. Please dont let allthe negativity get u down those people should put their selves in ur shoes for one week because u do a lot for us as women trying to save and pinch a penny for our families. so what if they couldnt use it there are plenty other coupons and great deals they can use on ur site. keep on keeping on. i love ur site u do a grrreeeaaattt job!!!!!

  10. So sorry you got mean comments when you are trying to help. Lots of us do appreciate what you do and the time it takes, even if we aren’t vocal enough about expressing our appreciation.

  11. PPD I’m sorry that you got mean comments. I love your site and I understand that sometimes stores don’t want to honor great deals when people are able to match them up. I wish the readers with mean comments had directed them at the REAL source of frustration (in this situation KMart). Thank you so much for your posts. I LOVE the match ups and go nuts when I get freebies or near-freebies. PLEASE keep doing what you do and we will all keep saving like we save!!


  12. I would like to thank you for all of the hard work you put into this site! I receive your emails at 630am to my phone, I am able to quickly check out the latest deals, print off coupons and save money all before I leave my home for the day! Your site is a lifesaver! The princess movie deal set it off for me! I was dancing for joy from saving that much money! Continue doing what you’re doing! We truly appreciate everything!!!!

  13. Bless your heart. I’m sorry people were rude to you. NOT cool.

  14. So sorry people have given you a hard time over a mistake made by Kmart! Being a mother myself, I know how hard it is to fit-in time to work on something like this blog. I appreciate all the hard-work and effort you put into this to ensure that your readers get great deals! Thank you! And to those that sent you nasty emails . . . shame on you!

  15. Well, I’m sorry those were nasty to you. I thank you everyday for saving my family money. I know your true passion; don’t let the devil ride. Keep doing what you do best, and that’s helping us to save money!!!!

  16. After reading this post, I could not pass the opportunity to comment. HOW DARE READERS HAVE THE ADASITY TO DIRECT THEIR ANGER TOWARDS YOU! I began visiting your site about a month ago, after reading an old article in a magazine about ways to cut cost in difficult economic times. I have had nothing but great results, often times paying under $1 for bath and body products. I have shared your site with family and friends to help them save on their monthly cost. What angers me most is, I am aware of the amount of time one must spend searching for the best deals on the Internet–I am a true online shopper. But yet you created an entire website, completing all the work and not charging one penny. Often times explaining how to maximize savings and some are complaining about a $10 coupon that Kmart decided not to honor. ARE THEY SERIOUS!!!! Like many of your supporters, I have saved much more than $10 just in this month alone. It is nasty people who ruined it for everyone. As consumers you must DIRECT YOUR ANGER TOWARDS KMART, WHICH PRINTED THE UNETHICAL COUPON. It is the consumer who can make or break the business if we stick together. I suggest everyone contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB), I am sure Kmart will begin to respond. Why are there so many Wal-Marts and so few Kmarts? Could it be because of these type tactics? Personally, I never frequent Kmart, did not even think of using the coupon and after this ordeal I have totally eliminated them from my list.

  17. Some people are so considerate, this site is a blessing! I did find out yesterday that Kmart sucks! I don’t shop there often but that was such a good deal for the movie and doll. The cashier said that people had illegal copies?? I said how can they be illegal when the site lets u print as many as u want…pdf format duhh. But I didnt get upset, but that was just another reason why I don’t shop there.

  18. I have to the realization that you can not satisfy everybody. And that some people are just ungrateful! However, I am very thankful to you for your post.

    In reference to this post about Kmart. I did print it out and I attempted to use it. I saw both of your post; the original post and the revised one lettering individuals know that they were not working for some people. When I went to Kmart they told me the same thing, but after demanding to see the store manager after I was advised to call the corporate office; they gave it to me and said they will take it up with the corporate office.

    I am very pleased with your website and I love the fact that you post deals that you find BY YOURSELF. So from one blogger to another, THANK YOU!

  19. It’s such a shame that people feel the need to criticize you for an issue that was clearly created by Kmart. I was disappointed when I was denied the opportunity to use the coupon but not with you-with KMART! I never once said “Shynea screwed up and I’m not going back to her site!” You are right to block those that have nothing positive to say. Keep blogging because there are many of us that love and need these savings! From us to you-THANK YOU!

  20. I was able to use the coupon twice at my Super Kmart in Yorktown, Virginia. The Manager stated that the coupon was legitimate, but was not supposed to be for all K’marts. She did honor mine and told the cashier to honor everyone that has one. The manager stated that she was sure something would come out before the week was out for them not to honor it. So it was a legitimate coupon Ms. Penny Pincher, so no need to apologize. You do a great job putting out the specials. I think once people start using coupons, they expect to get everything for FREE or a very low price. This is not always the case. Think about all the money you have saved so far and not get upset because you can’t use one coupon. Since I have started couponing two months ago, I have saved a lot and wish I started couponing years ago. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MS. DIVA!!!!!!!

  21. PPDiva,
    Keep doing what you’re doing. This website is a great forum for people to save money on needed items. Although you can’t control stupid people, you can control how you react to them. So keep up the good work, Classy Lady!

  22. That is ridiculous. Some people can’t help but try to take out on other people the fact that they are miserable. Half of them probably didn’t care anything about the coupon but it gave them an opportunity to take out their frustrations on you since they don’t have the nerve to place the blame where it really goes. Forget about them. Do what you do. You do it well 🙂

  23. Kmart is scamming people left and right. Poorly trained employees, and horrible customer service. This is especially true for coupons!!! Kmart scams people. I sincerly hope people catch on, and I hope someone with a good lawyer bites them where it hurts, that way all the money they scammed off consumers would be returned somehow. Even if it is only on a karmic level. BTW be nice people…it is not the fault of the person that posted the coupon,but the comapany that refuses to honor it. I have a lawyer examinig my most recent trip to kmart…maybe you all should too

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