As part of my month long Baby Shower Extravaganza, I have decided to showcase products that I have discovered that will make being a mommy just a little bit easier. I presented my first problem as my youngest children having too much free range in the house. That problem is solved, and now I’m going to tackle my second problem.

Problem #02. Baby Bums + Diaper Rash = Unhappy Baby & Mommy

I have been very fortunate to not have to deal with diaper rash in my baby boys too much. They have gotten it occasionally, but overall I haven’t had too many instances with diaper rash. With baby girl I have decided to cloth diaper her. (My goal is to do it all day, but I’m going to ease my way into it.) I want to be as natural and as organic as possible and I’m excited as this will be my first time cloth diapering.

I discovered a really cute company called Bummas. They have made luxurious baby-sized cloths made especially for drying baby bottoms. Not only that, but they can be moistened and used as reusable diaper wipes, as well as being small rags to wipe up tiny messes. Not only that, but they come in a nice array of colors (because the cuteness factor is a plus for me.)

When I got my Bummas in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised at how vibrant the colors were.

So often you’ll see things on the internet, the colors will be gorgeous, and then when you order the product and get it into your home the colors are dull or off set. It wasn’t like that with the Bummas. They were also as thick as they described them on the website. I was really happy about this, because I plan on using these in many different ways and one thing that I really don’t like is a thin wipe/rag.

Each package of Bummas come with ten wipes. They also come in five different color sets: The Tropical Ones, The Wild Ones, The Girls, The Boys and The Calm Ones. So you really have a good chance of finding the colors that you want to use.

I have to say that overall these are very nice and I can’t wait to use them on baby girl.


One lucky reader will win a set of Bummas for their own little bambino! Just leave a comment on this post and tell me which Bummas color set is your favorite. You can also get up to five extra entries by leaving me any tips for cloth diapering, raising baby girls, or staying sane in large family. This giveaway ends Sunday, June 20th at midnight.

Congratulations to comment number 8! Julie L I will be contacting you shortly.

I received this product from Bummas to review, in hopes that I would provide my readers with my honest opinion on their product. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I was in no way compensated monetarily for this review.

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  1. oh I love the tropical ones! bright fun colors! I love seeing “green” products for babies. I think we are prone to think disposable when it comes to baby stuff. Congrats on the baby girl on the way! i have 2 boys and have no advice on baby girls. there are so many cloth diapering systems out there it can be overwhelming. My MIL swears by the old fashion way- folded cloth diapers and rubber pants. stayin sane in a large family? Lots of deep breaths, stealing some quiet alone time when you can and ask for help whenever possible! Best of Luck!

  2. My favorite set is The Wild Ones.

  3. I recommend Fuzzibunz Perfect Size diapers for cloth diapering. I’ve been using them for 15 months on my daughter, and I love them.

  4. Unless you live somewhere that’s hot all the time, I would recommend thick cotton tights when your little girl wears dresses. I made the mistake of buying some of the standard thin tights for my baby, and she only wore them once. They snap too easily and they don’t fit as well on her feet. All the thicker tights we have work much better.

  5. Having a couple small wet bags is a must for cloth diapering. I always keep one in my diaper bag to stick the dirty diapers in when I’m out and about. I have two small wet bags, that way one of them is always clean and ready to go.

  6. Some small size cloth diapers that claim to fit newborns, don’t necessarily fit right when the baby is born. I had cloth diapers that should have fit my daughter when she was first born, based on her weight, but they didn’t start fitting her until around 7 weeks because of her build. Just something to keep in mind in case you are planning to start cloth diapering when your baby is first born. I’m pregnant with my second child, and I plan on buying some actual newborn cloth diapers this time around.

  7. When you are cloth diapering, keep in mind that you may need slightly larger clothing (especially onesies and pants) to accomodate the larger cloth diapered tushie. Now a days most styles of baby clothing are cut to fit over super trim disposables, not bulkier cloth diapers.

  8. I like the wild ones

  9. All comments after this one doesn’t qualify for the giveaway. I will draw for a winner from comments number one through eight.

    Take care,

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