As part of my month long Baby Shower Extravaganza, I have decided to showcase products that I have discovered that will make being a mommy just a little bit easier. I presented my first problem as my youngest children having too much free range in the house and my second problem with helping to prevent diaper rash. My next problem is something that I face in the hospital, after giving birth.

Problem #03. Keeping nurses informed that I’m breastfeeding.

I start breastfeeding my babies almost as soon as I give birth to them. Once they have gotten all of their vital signs checked and the nurses have cleaned them up, I ask for them so I can start breastfeeding and bonding with them immediately. This is just my way of being closer to them after they are born.

I discovered the cutest little company not too long ago. It’s name is Mommy’s Little Monkey and they make some of the cutest breastfeeding items for babies. This company was found by a wonderful woman named Evie Ballesteros. Evie started this company with the vision to help other women with their public breastfeeding concerns and to assist in the breastfeeding movement. She has quite a few nice products on her website, but there were two that I was completing fawning over.

The two products that I really wanted for baby girl were the “Note To Nurse” set and the beautiful burp cloths that I was admiring.

I know that there have been a few after birth experiences in the hospital that I wasn’t really appreciative of. One of the main concerns I had was the fact that some of the nurses I had had a total disregard towards the fact that I was breastfeeding. They would try to bottle feed my babies during shift changes or they would use pacifiers while they were in the nursery to keep them quiet. I have no problem with either or, but when your baby is first born and your aspirations are to breastfeed, both of these can make it harder. The “Note to Nurse” set was the best clothing item I have seen this pregnancy thus far.

It has the cutest message on it to the nurses in the nursery:

To My Wonderful Nurse,
I’m learning how to breastfeed. Please no bottles or pacifiers while I’m in your care. Mommy is waiting for my return to feed me.


I LOVE it! It conveys what I want without being rude. The hat even reads “Breastfeeder in Training.” My intentions on breastfeeding can’t get much clearer than that. The “Note to Nurse” t-shirt is also very thick. I love that about t-shirts for babies, because so often you will purchase shirts and they will be very thin. Hospitals are kept at a cooler temperature so this little extra touch by Mommy’s Little Monkey’s is very much appreciated.

The burp cloths are an even better product made my Mommy’s Little Monkey’s.

The burp cloths come in nineteen different patterns and they are really thick. And when I say thick, I mean T-H-I-C-K. In the past the burp cloths that I have used have been so thin that with a few washings they were through. The patterned designs on the front are a nice touch, but the cotton lining on the back is what got me hooked. You can choose from 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton when you order your burp cloths. They are so cute that I am skeptical that I will even want to use them.

Mommy’s Little Monkey also has a few other nice products to help you in your breastfeeding endeavors. One of them being the Simple & Sweet Nursing Curtain. You can use this to nurse in public knowing your baby can’t tug it off. (This is a big plus to me, as I have had a few mishaps in public. *smiles*) They also have several cute clothing items for babies and children with their cute logo on it.

The breastfeeding products definitely gets my “Mommy Seal of Approval” because they have met all of my wants and needs.Mommy’s Little Monkey


One lucky reader will win their own “Note To Nurse” set and a set of beautiful burp cloths ! Just leave a comment on this post and tell me which burp cloth set is your favorite. You can also get up to five extra entries by leaving your favorite tips for breastfeeding, raising baby girls, or staying sane in large family. This giveaway ends Wednesday, June 23rd at midnight.

Congratulations to comment number 4! Roberta I will be contacting you shortly!

I received these baby products from Mommy’s Little Monkey to review, in hopes that I would provide my readers with my honest opinion on their product. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I was in no way compensated monetarily for this review.

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  1. I love the idea of that “Note to Nurse” onsie and hat. I wish I would’ve had these when I had my baby. I’m going to check out the website now 🙂

  2. Since I’m expecting a baby boy July 6th I have to say that “maman” is my favorite burp cloth set.

  3. I like the Mae burp cloths! I’m about to have a baby (hopefully this week or next) and I’d LOVE something like that got her! Great giveaway!

  4. hmmmmm, I like City Mama Blue. Let’s see tips…I have 8 kids, last one born 5/27/10 at home in a birthing tub.

    Organization is key, whether that is schedules, menu’s. A very helpful and handsome hubby helps an awful lot. Early mornings and late nights. Laughter tons of tons of laughter. Remember the chaos gives them stories to tell when they are older.

  5. I have a few friends who are pregnant at the moment. I like the Mae design. That is actually what I call my god daughter, “Daisy Mae”.

  6. I grew up in a large family. I am the only child, but I had tons of cousins. I think the most important thing to remember is to not clump everyone in one big group. Treat them as individuals. Create a special time for them, even if for only a few minutes.

  7. I loved breastfeeding. I felt defeated in the beginning because my son was 4 weeks early and had a hard time latching on to my enormous breast. It was rough. I think you should remember to do what works for you and the baby. You’ll get tons of advice about breastfeeding, but each experience is unique. You’ll need tons of patience, but it will all be worth it.

  8. I like the Elegant Mama burp cloths.

  9. I just love the note to nurse set!!! The nurses were great at assisting me with nursing. Jayden was a natural though, lol. They didn’t start him off with a paci either.

    City Mama Blue for me, it’s so pretty.

  10. I like the Maji-Brown set.

  11. City Bloom Mama is my favorite burb cloth. I hope to become pregnant in the very near future and one of my biggest fears right now is breastfeeding. I didn’t brestfeed my first child out of fear so I want to do the right thing my second time around. The Nursing Curtain is definitely a product I’ll be looking to purchase when the time comes.

  12. I love the t shirt!! I imagine it will make my life easier to let the nurses know that my baby is breastfed. I also love the burp cloth. Definitely cute!

  13. I really like Mor pattern! I like a few of them so its hard to chose…lol!

    My biggest breastfeeding tip is to nurse as soon as possible after birth, even before baby has been checked over and cleaned up. Sometimes that can take an hour. I nursed just after my baby was born, his face was cleaned up on my belly while I held him. It was wonderful!!

  14. No giveaway entries will be accepted after this comment. A winner will be drawn from comments 1-13.

    Take care,

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