As part of my month long Baby Shower Extravaganza, I have decided to showcase products that I have discovered that will make being a mommy just a little bit easier. (Because we know that in all actuality what we want can never be created. *smiles* Like extra hours in the day or an extra pair of arms or two.) During my search for products, I have come across quite a few and I had no idea how to narrow down what I really “needed” from what I really “wanted.” I finally decided to make a list of the things that the baby boys do that make my day hectic, because I knew that with a new baby my days would become even more complicated.

Problem #01. Too much free range in the house.

I have a huge space in my house and the baby boys practically have free range. I don’t have the opportunity to divide my living room from my dining room, or my dining room from my kitchen, or my kitchen from my laundry room. So this results in me spending all day running around looking for “too quiet” toddlers to try and figure out what they are doing. Thus, Summer Infant came to the rescue. 

I have heard of Summer Infant before, I just never knew the range of products that they produced. When I came across their baby gates I was in for a nice shock. They had a wide range to choose from, making my decision a little harder, but I knew I needed a baby gate with a door, one that was wide enough to fit a 4+ footage area of space, and one that was sturdy enough to withstand abuse from two rough and tumble toddlers. I finally decided on the Stylish & Secure Extra Tall Decorative Walk-Thru Gate.

This baby gate could extend up to 6 feet in width, it had the gate door that I wanted and it said it was sturdy enough. Me, being in the eight month pregnant state that I’m in, called for reinforcements when it came to installing this gate.

Superman Bam and his dad pulled out the tools, the directions, and got to work. (Excuse the mess that is my house and the iron burn in the middle of my floor. Bam was trying to be “helpful.”)

It didn’t take long at all to get the baby gate installed. I think from start to finish, it was up and ready to go in about 30 minutes.That included opening the box, measuring the door frame, chasing Bam around the house for the pieces he kept stealing playing with and then repositioning the bottom screws that I accidentally marked in the wrong place. The doorframe seperating the diningroom from the kitchen is kind of crooked (thanks handy, dandy maintenance man) so we had to readjust the measurements a little bit, but it still came out fine.

The gate door swung open perfectly (crooked doorframe and all). The only thing that I would change about this is make it have a latch on it instead of the top locking mechanism. To open it, it has a lock on the top that you have to push back. Then you have to lift the baby gate door up and swing it open. I only forsee this being a little difficult if I’m carrying a child in my arms. Another thing I liked about this baby gate is that it swung open  both ways. It may not seem like a nifty enough feature to you, but you would be surprised at the little details that make the difference. 

We finally put it up to the final test and had Bam attack it work his magic on it. If it can withstand little man it’s good to go. He shook it. Tried to climb over it (luckily it’s tall enough that he couldn’t). He climbed on it and hung from it like the little monkey man that he is. It’s still standing. I no longer have to rush into the kitchen to see what the baby boys are up to, because they can no longer get in there without me being in there. I also can cook without having four little boys running and crawling around my ankles distracting me.

This Summer Infant  baby gate definitely gets my “Mommy Seal of Approval” because it met all of my wants and needs. Plus it looks good. I definitely see myself using this years down the road when I move into another house and need to install it.

I received this baby gate from Summer Infant to review, in hopes that I would provide my readers with my honest opinion on their product. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I was in no way compensated monetarily for this review.

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  1. I’m gonna call him SuperBam! He is so funny!!

    • Dear K.O.,

      Mr “Super Bam” is a mess and you can have him if you want. lol He has been the most “hands on” child (to say it in a nice way) that I have EVER had. How is your beautiful baby girl doing?

      Take care,

      • She’s very “hands on” as well! LOL!!! That’s a good way to put it 🙂 I’ll take him too. They can keep each other company. If I lived closer, I would seriously come pick him up.

  2. What a great product! I agree that the fact that it swings open both directions, is a great feature! So glad you found something that works well for you and it is definitely nice looking!

  3. Thanks for such a detailed review. I am keeping my eye on gates since my nephew will be walking in the next few months. Have to make sure Auntie’s house is baby safe.

  4. That looks great. The color really looks pretty stylish for a baby gate, too!

  5. I LOVE their gates! I love that they are bigger then standard doors too!

  6. That gate is fantastic! Oh, and your little one is too stinkin cute!

  7. I’m shopping for baby shower gifts, and I think something like this would be a great idea!

  8. This is so funny that I read this now. I have been searching everywhere for a larger than normal gate to contain my children, LOL. Thanks for the heads up and the review 🙂

  9. This is exactly what I needed when my kids were younger. Kids are so fast and quick so it’s a great way to keep them safe and not wandering off.

  10. What a nice gate. I like how it’s kind of fancy looking and not stark white or unfinished wood like most of them.

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