It has been a LONG week, and instead of flying by it has slowly be creeping by. I am so glad that it’s Friday I could scream. Tomorrow my two oldest boys will be going to Alabama to spend the summer with their grandparents. (There goes my company and my two helping hands. *tears*) I’m going to miss them, as the house will be that much more quiet and less eventful.

In good news, my due date has been moved up two weeks!

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and the baby is actually measuring two weeks ahead of what the doctors initially thought, so they moved my due date up two weeks and said they wouldn’t be surprised if I went into labor next week. I’m crossing my fingers that this happens because it would be good timing (I know that sounds bad). On the other hand, I am stressed out because I have done nothing to prepare for a hospital stay. I haven’t packed a bag for either myself or baby girl.

Which brings me to my current dilemna: What do you pack for giving birth?

I know I could Swag it, (and believe me I have), but the internet gives me SO many lists I just don’t have the energy to decipher between what is necessary and what isn’t. So what do I do? I decide to turn to my awesome readers and aks y’all, what is a MUST to pack for the hospital. (I already know my laptop, cell phone and digital camera. Can’t you tell I’m a techy mom?) Other then the usual: pajamas, going home outfit, toiletries, etc… I have no idea what to pack. So please, give me your unsolicited advice and tell me what I need to include in my hospital¬† bag.

I asked this same, exact question on the community forums but seeing as I am the only one over there I got tired of talking to myself. *smiles* If you have some time, you might want to chime in on some of the other discussions, such as “What are you doing with your kids for the summer” or by “sharing some of your families summer traditions.” Also, I’m still looking for tips from parents of girls on raising happy, healthy girls.

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  1. Your own pillow. I get wretched migraines unless I sleep on my own pillow. Does your hospital have room service or a snack room? If not, take a few light snacks and your favorite drink (pop, juice, etc.). Chargers for all your electonics, socks, slippers, sandals (something comfortable to walk in). I took my own blankets for the baby and my own hats as well.


  2. My must haves were my bobby pillow. I left it in the car until we moved to our recovery room. I thought we needed snacks for dh. however, i labored all night long. he didn’t want to eat. i would still pack them again.

    1, flip flops to walk the halls during labor
    2. light weight robe
    3. nursing tanks
    4. big pj pants or shorts (i didn’t want to wear the gown for long)
    5. lotion
    6. hair ties
    7. tennis balls – for back labor
    8. rice pack for heat pad
    9. birth plan
    10. make a list and put it on top of your bag of stuff that isn’t packed yet (ie glasses) so someone else can grab it if you have to go to the hospital fast.

  3. Pack your favorite lotion, the stuff at the hospital is terrible.

  4. All the above suggestions sound great.
    I might add
    – some magazines or books to read after delivery
    – lots of change and/or $1. bills for the food and drink machines in case the hospital cafeteria is closed
    – make up for after you deliver
    – car seat for coming home
    – You might want to buy a newspaper for the day you deliver or the day after as a keepsake of what wa happening in the world when your baby was born.

    All best wishes and prayers for you all!

  5. Since you a scentsy consultant take your favorite scent and music.

  6. Moved it two weeks? Oh my goodness so exciting!! Shaun was right on point about the chargers for everything. Those are so easy to forget!!

  7. definitely take some smell good lotion & body wash, someone gave me a bath & body works set at my baby shower & it was just the pick me up i needed for my 1st post labor shower after sitting up in the hospital bed feeling out of it (btw bath & body works is having their semi annual sale)…
    don’t forget the baby book so they can do her footprints right after delivery-the nurses ususally don’t mind
    ditto on the chargers & thats a great idea about the Scentsy Valerie!
    not sure how you are giving birth but I wore a dress home b.c i had a c-section & didn’t want anything touching my scar area
    Can’t wait to see pics of your beautiful baby girl! God Bless!

  8. I haven’t read anyone mentioning the “unmentionables” but you know hospital pads are always big and bulky – don’t forget go pack your favorite feminine pads for the hospital.

  9. I agree with everything posted thus far. I would also add some nipple cream and a supportive nursing bra if you plan to nurse. The lightweight ones are suppose to be comfy but if u are busty ( like me) and your milk comes in early you want something supportive. Also, pictures of your other children will help you relax and think about the greatness to come.

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