A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my experience as being a brand ambassador for Sam’s Club. My experience working with this particular company wasn’t a good experience. (I talked all about what happened in that post.) Being a blogger, I like to be in the midst of social media. I am an avid Twitterer (I can spend hours on there sometimes). I participate in Twitter Parties. I am also on FaceBook (sometimes), I upload videos to YouTube, I occasionally host an online radio show and I use to host my own LIVE internet webshow (I miss it, and I think I might have to do that again). I am always working with new companies. I’m a social media addict.

I was invited by the beautiful Kadi Prescott, to be a guest on her internet webshow Social Peephole to talk about my experience with Sam’s Club.

I was SO nervous at the beginning, not to mention that my face looked so swollen and the webcam added 20,000 pounds to me. *wink* Here is the episode that I appeared on:

I had a really good time and I wanted to thank Kadi on my blog for inviting me on her show. You can find out a lot more about Kadi Prescott as well as visit her awesome website for women Girly Gazette.

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  1. im glad you were able to voice what happened with Sam’s Club. Kadi was right. if it happenes to one person it happens to all.

  2. Very well explained Shynea. Thank you for explaining more. I did read your original post, but watching you tell your story was even better. Thank you for explaining it professionally.

    P.S. – You should team up with a blogger like and do a guest post on her blog. Your story was so educational and she has so many current and future bloggers that visit her site daily.

  3. Thanks for sharing and I am glad that you were able to talk about it.

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