There is something about “larger than normal families” that fascinates me. (Some people are fascinated with my “big” family and I only have five children.) I like to see how they operate and I love to hear the stories of why they decided to have a large family in the first place. A new documentary on A&E has drawn my attention and I was more than happy when I was presented with the opportunity to get an advance copy of it. (Plus, it made me feel important and who doesn’t like that? *wink*)

Raising Bain follows matriarch Kathy Bain and her ever patient husband Dave Bain as they raise their thirteen children, twelve of which are adopted.

Yes, this gives a whole new meaning to the term blended families. My mother-in-law use to be a foster mother. If I am ever in the position to take care of foster children, especially the ones that are older and harder to place, I would love to do so. Everyday so many children have to be taken out of broken homes and placed into foster care. Kathy and Dave Bain have made it possible to accept these children into their home, love them, provide for them, and then adopt them. Of the twelve children that the Bain’s have adopted, eight of them are biological siblings. In 2005 they were going to be separated unless a family was willing to take them all.

“They just kept growing and growing upon our hearts and we asked ourselves where are these kids going to go,” Kathy said. “So, we just thought about it and prayed about it and then we decided we just needed to keep them with us.”

The camera follows the Bain family around in this documentary and shows the ups and downs, as well as the struggles, of taking care of adopted children who are struggling with a myriad of different problems. From attachment issues to behavioral problems to meltdowns, nothing is left untouched in this documentary. Some of the Bains’ adopted children have been sexually or physically abused. Another one of their adopted sons was born with heroin in his system. They have all been neglected in some way, so life with them is a constant struggle on an everyday basis and the camera catches all of that.

Watch “Raising Bain” on A&E tonight, August 23rd at 11pm EST/10pm CST.

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  1. i just got done watching this and my heart goes out to these two wonderful parents. the life that they will provide these kids is wonderful. my aunt and uncle have been foster parents for about ten years now. three years ago they were asked to foster a little boy whose mother was very ill. after 2 1/2 years they adopted him as their own. he is a very special little boy and the whole family is involved in his life. we are very blessed to have him in our family. and i’m very glad to hear that there are other people out there that can help other foster children.

    • Dear Rachel,

      I am in LOVE with this family. I have been volunteering to help with foster children since I was in high school. I was always organizing some kind of events and for Christmas I would personally sew 200+ stockings, decorate them, and then stuff them with small toys to give to foster children in my area. The Bain family have really captured my heart, and I’m hoping that they get their own tv show because I would love to follow their story.

      I am glad to hear that your aunt and uncle have given a child their forever home. They are such a blessing and I wish them nothing but the best.

      Take care,

  2. i have never been blown away quite like i have with a family such as this. the parents and the older siblings are amazing… i wish for more people like the Bain’s to take the initiative that they have… what an education i’ve gotten, and it’s onlt the first episode. i am so humbled and in awe at there decision to take this on themsleves…. WOW!

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