Sam’s Club has partnered with Box Tops for Education to offer bonus box tops on select General Mills products. Until the end of August (which is three days away) you can get a total of six box tops. If your children are as adamant as mine are they are serious about cutting and collecting the boxtops that they find on our grocery store purchases. Their schools make it even more fun for them by offering them incentives throughout the year for bringing in a certain amount of boxtops. They are allowed to attend special events, as well as get extra time to play outside or on the computer.

I have a $25 gift card for one lucky ready to use at their nearest Sam’s Club (or Wal-Mart). That way you can take advantage of some of the savings that these stores have to offer.

This giveaway is open for the next 48 hours and will close on Monday, August 30th at midnight in which a winner will be chosen on Tuesday.

Main Entry

Leave a comment and let me know how your children participate in the Box Top for Education program in their school.

Additional Entries

  • If you have a Twitter account, go ahead and follow me then leave a comment here with your Twitter name.
  • Tell me what your favorite General Mills product is and why.
  • Share a tip on how you organize your box tops until it is time to send them into school.
  • Share a tip on how you split box tops up between multiple school aged children in your home.

Giveaway Ends

Remember, this giveaway ends on Monday, August 30th at midnight!

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  1. DD participates in the Box Top for Education program by clipping BTEF from products we buy.

  2. @tcarolinep twitter follower

  3. My favorite General Mills product is Cheerios because it’s not only good for breakfast but snacks as well.

  4. I organize BTFE by using Ziplocs, marked by exp dates.

  5. I also use Ziploc bags to split box tops up between multiple school aged children.

  6. they get extra computer time if they save box tops, which is a nice perk

  7. We don’t participate yet but will begin once my son starts kindergarten next week.

  8. I follow you on Twitter with my id mami2jcn

  9. Cheerios is my favorite because even my baby girl can eat them.

  10. I plan to organize box tops using Ziploc bags.

  11. I will use ziploc bags and with labels for each of my children.

  12. My favorite General Mills product is Honey Nut Cheerios. They taste great & not to sweet. My family love them & enjoy clipping the box top for education.

  13. We participate by clipping the box tops from participating products and collecting them for a few months and then turning a big batch in before the deadline
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  14. I would have to say my fav product is the breakfast cereal bars because I get my fav cereal in a convenient bar to eat on the go when I am in a rush
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  15. I use ziploc bags to store my family box tops. I have labeled by each of my children school. I even share with other children at school to enjoy special events.

  16. I also use a ziploc bag but I pin it up on the corkboard that I have hanging in my kitchen along with calendar, bottle tops (for pepsi) and related items with kids (school calendar, teacher info, etc)
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  17. I don’t have multiple children who share them in elementary school and the high school doesn’t participate so I only have one whose school particpates
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  18. My children would help match up coupons with Boxtop products while we were shopping, remove Boxtops from packages we purchased and trim and count Boxtops.

  19. My favorite General Mills product is Honey Nut Cheerios. It’s healthy and tastes a little like a treat!

  20. Here’s how I organize Boxtops. When I am finished with a package I tear or cut off the Boxtop. I place it in a clean empty plastic peanut butter jar I have recycled for this new use. When I have a number of labels, I trim them while watching TV, count them and get ready to turn them into the school. I turn them into school in a plastic zip-top sandwich bag. You can write your child’s name and the number of Boxtops on the bag with a permanent marker.

  21. I’d split the Boxtops among several children in the family in the same way, using the plastic peanut butter jar to gather Boxtops. I’d give each child their own recycled plastic peanut butter jar. They can decorate their own jar with their name, etc. using permanent markers. When it was time to divvy up the Boxtops, I’d turn it into a math lesson. You can teach the concept of fair shares: one for you, one for you, and one for you. Or you could add the Boxtops up, estimate how many each child will get and then check. If your children are older, get the Boxtops, estimate and divide. If there are extra Boxtops left over, put them back into the main jar until next time for dividing Boxtops!

  22. My children have always collected Box Tops for their school and always look for the products when we shop so we can cut them out. We just truned in about 300 of them from the summer break.

  23. Our favorite product is Go Gurts. We can freeze them the night before and put them in the lunch boxes for them to eat at school. Very easy and healthier for them too.

  24. We use colored envelopes to collect the box tops

  25. At the end of each month we divide the Box Tops up so each school get the same amount to make it equal among the children.

  26. we clip and turn in btfe

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  28. my fav general mills product is honey nut cheerios because they’re yummy! I especially love them with bannanas!

  29. I organize mine by keeping them in a box

  30. I split mine by point/money value

  31. My daughter participates by making sure that I buy all the box top products that I can while we are shopping lol! She also clips them all for me.

  32. My favorite general mills product is ziploc bags because I use a ton of them!

  33. I don’t really keep them organized, just throw them all in a ziploc bag until it’s full!

  34. My son loves collecting box tops. He takes in 50 at a time because that way he gets to pick a prize from his teacher out of the “bigger box.” 🙂

  35. I follow on twitter

  36. I love most GM cereals. I’m a HUGE cereal fan!!

  37. I have a ziploc on my fridge stuck up with a magnet that I stick my box tops in.

  38. My kids take turns taking box tops in. I also signed up at so when I earn extra on a catalina at the grocery store I can redeem them online. I alternate schools when I do this. I’ve earned 50 in the last week.

  39. The kids always keep an eye out for box tops when we shop.

  40. I follow on twitter @countrynest

  41. Cheerios and Ziploc bags are our fav, both make life easier.

  42. I put box tops in ziploc bags, with the kids names on them.

  43. I just divide up the box tops when its time to turn in.

  44. We save all of our Boxtops for Education and the kids always turn them in at their schools


  45. We don’t currently participate.

  46. We like Cheerios.

  47. My son cuts the box tops off the products.

  48. My favorite General Mills cereal is Cookie Crisps. I buy it because I have had some memorable momemts with my son. I remember the first time I brought it. My son was so happy. He could dunk the little cookies like oreos, eat it as a snack or just as cereal. The little cookies were small enough to fit in his hands. These smiling moments are what I love about being a parent. Buying General Mills products has made our time special and memorable.

  49. I organize the box tops at home using ziploc bags and a plastic shoe box. I place all the box tops in the ziploc bag and store the bags in the shoe box. The shoe box sits neatly in the corner rack. At the end of the month we take the box tops in the ziploc bags to school.

  50. I don’t have multiple kids but I do donate to other schools. My son’s school was not always participating in the box tops. I used to divide up the box tops and I would give some to each of my 3 little cousins schools. I would write their names on the bags and if I had 30 I would give 10 to each of the 3 kids. If I had 31 I would divide it evenly and save the 1 for the next month. Now I give them to my son’s school but when they are having special fundraising events I still donate some to the other schools.

  51. We clip Box Tops from products we buy!

  52. My kids love to “feed” the box top monster in their classrooms.

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  54. My favorite General Mills product is LUCKY CHARMS cereal. I have been eating it since I was a kid and I still love them!!!

  55. I clip the box tops prior to throwing away the box and place them in a ziploc bag in a kitchen drawer. Our school collects them only 2x a year so we get a good amount in that ziploc bag 🙂

    Thanks again for the chance to win this Sams Club gift card!!

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