Poor eyesight runs in my family. Everyone in my immediate family has to wear eyeglasses but me. I see this as both a blessing and a curse because that means that either:

  • I have very good eyesight. OR
  • I will loose my sight faster when I reach a certain age.

I remember the first time that each of my three younger sisters had to go to pick up their first set of prescription glasses. One of them were excited because she could just see herself in a pair of name brand eyeglasses. Another one was melancholy; she didn’t really care either way. Then another one was downright upset. She just couldn’t believe that she would have to wear glasses and made sure she let everyone know how unhappy she was about the situation.

In the past ten years I have watched the “glasses fashion” evolve. I have witnessed my mother go from wearing the glasses that are the same size as your face, to cat eyes, to ovals, and now the ever popular slim frame. The one thing that has remained constant is that her glasses still are affordable to her.

I have no idea whether or not prescription eyeglasses will be in my future. I do know, however, that if I were to wear them I would not be as depressed now as I would have been in my teenage years. The styles that one has to choose from is overwhelming so there really is something to fit everyone’s needs.

Photo credited to raymanexe.
This was a sponsored post but the views within this post are my own.

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