I’m excited to announce a new series of articles that I will be writing for Penny Pinching Diva called “Scaling Back on Your Household Bills.” It will include tips and advice, as well as chronicle my own journey, on scaling back my current household bills and lifestyle to fit my current income. It will also include legitimate ways that you can make a little extra money on the internet as well as how to spot, and avoid, the many “get rich quick scams” that are out there.

Because I like to keep it personal on my website I will include plenty of pictures of my own life throughout this process. I am currently in the middle of moving out of my $800 a month place and finding something more suitable. This means that I am in the house hunting game once again. (I should be an expert right now when I take into account that I have moved every year since I was eighteen years old. Plus, being a military brat has given me plenty of moving practice.)

What I have never had to do though is actually really considering ALL of the options when moving to fit my budget.

That means that I have to take into account the distance from work and school (for gas purposes), the size of the new house (for heating and cooling purposes), and neighborhood options (for cost of living purposes). Because let’s be real here and look at the facts, some neighborhood’s rental properties are a lot lower than other neighborhoods depending on what side of town these house are on. I’ll take into consideration every option and make an informed decision, and while I am at it I will put it all on here so I can share my experience with my readers. (Because let’s be real again. It’s always better to go through life experiences with other people. Who wants to stumble through life alone? I’d rather do it, and get constructive advice, then do it alone.)

Penny Pinching Diva will always be a community website. I haven’t done a series in a long time and I plan on making “Scaling Back on Your Household Bills” a good one. I have teamed up with a few good companies to bring you some good products that will help you in saving money. I’m also working on some new downloadable sheets that you can print off and use to help you with a creating a household budget.

I look forward to writing this series and sharing my journey with you.

Articles in this series:

01. Creating A Grocery Shopping List (with a video)
How Many Stores Should You Shop At (with a video)
03. Lowering Your Family’s Entertainment Budget

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  1. Good luck. This series is very timely. I look forward to reading and enjoying.

  2. Sounds fantastic! I cant wait to hear what you have to say. Happy house hunting!

  3. I look forward to this series. My student loans have been mazed out for undergrad and since I’ll soon begin paying for school, I will need all the help I can get! Thanks 🙂

  4. I can’t wait! I look forward to what you will be sharing.

  5. I can’t wait Shynea. I will be following you. Good luck on the house hunt moving is never fun.


  6. Yes I am so glad, this is a much need topic to talk about.

  7. All I have to say is WRITE IT DOWN! My hubby and I wrote out to the T what we wanted in a house, neighborhood, street, distance from the highway…literally EVERYTHING. We prayed and even took a picture of a house we loved. One year later we found a house like that picture that was more than enough beyond what we wrote down and moved in on 8/8/08. Our house is the “blessing house”. No one can believe how much we paid for it…but God. We are still amazed by His grace as He keeps blowing our wee little minds.

  8. I need this series as well. Since I have stopped working, my stress levels have gone up and my anxiety problems are making a comeback. I would love to see what you have to share!

  9. i really enjoy your site. i swear when it rains it pours and u never realize how much u got on ur plate till ur plate gets full. thanks for it all.

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