With the new series “Scaling Back On Your Household Bills” I will be covering all areas of your life in which you can save the most amount of money. In my previous post I talked about the importance of creating a grocery shopping list. A good portion of the excess amounts of money that we spend can be cut back by altering the way we grocery shop. I am going to give you practical tips all this week to help change the way that you conduct your grocery shopping trips. Thanks to a few videos in my archive you won’t have to read too much this week. Just take 2-5 minutes of your time and watch these informative (albeit unprofessionally produced) videos.

Most people think that to save the most amount of money you have to shop at a lot of different stores. This could be true for a few, but for those who live in an area where the stores are spaced out you may end up spending your savings on gas money. The receipt from your grocery store trips may look good, but after factoring in mileage, gas, and time spent traveling, you are still “over budget.” I find that I stick to about 3-4 main stores, all within a 2-3 mile radius of each other, to get the most “bang for my buck.”

So, when doing your weekly shopping trips keep these tips in mind:

  • Never go to more than 2-3 stores each week. Keep your weekly shopping trips to 1-2 grocery stores and 1 drug store. (My drugstores of choice are Walgreens and CVS.) This way you’re not tempted to overspend, nor are you spending a large amount of time out-and-about each week.
  • Alternate which grocery stores you visit every week. If you just HAVE to shop at 3-4 different grocery stores, alternate which ones you visit each week. You should never visit each store every week. If two stores are having a good sale on a certain item, if your budget allows, stock up on that item to where you’ll have a good supply of it for 2-3 weeks. That way next week you can visit the alternate stores and stock up on their sales items for 2-3 weeks. This helps you to build your family’s stockpile as cheaply as possible. (Stockpiling will be covered in a separate article.)
  • Make the most of your local drug stores customer rewards program. I am a believer in Walgreen’s Register Rewards and CVS’ Extra Care Bucks program. This allows me to get most of my family’s health care and beauty items for just pennies on the dollar. Use these stores to get your shampoo, razors, toilet tissues, deodorant, soap, shower gel, etc… for a fraction of the cost. (I am in the process now of creating a downloadble tutorial on how to use Walgreen’s Register Rewards program.)

Here is a video I did for a shopping study to show how I conduct my shopping trips each week:

How do you do your family’s grocery shopping each week?

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  1. I have ditched Sam’s though it is a little far away I am in love with BJs. They take multiple manufacturer coupons (multi pack items) along with their store coupons that they send you in the mail you may want to explore them for your monthly bulk item trips.

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