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I have often thought about what I would do with my family if I could take them on vacation anywhere I wanted to go, without price limitiation. I have five very active kids, four of them being boys, so any vacation that we may take would have to allow them the freedom to run around, be loud, and play. (I think that fits the criteria for most families with children. *smiles*)

It has always been my dream to put my children in an RV and just take a roadtrip.

Actually, it’s my goal to do that next summer with my children for at least two weeks. I would love to build up the excitement to the trip by teaching my kids how to read a map, letting them help me map out our course, and then helping me research different interesting venues along the way that we could stop at. I imagine us going to museums, and parks, and just basically sightseeing.

We would stop at different RV parks along the way and have good old fashioned cook outs, smores, and late nights up telling stories and watching movies. I love having my children close to me at all times, and the closeness of an RV would give me the comfortable feeling that I am so use to in my home.

Going RV’ing with my family would definitely be my ultimate family vacation.

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  1. This RV trip is in the plans for Chuck and I when we are older and the kids are gone, we are going to travel the country and just go where the road takes us! Great idea to do with the kids…we often comb Craigslist for campers and RVs so we can do just that!

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