As you all know, the holidays are right around the corner. One of my most favorite parts of the holiday season is receiving holiday cards from friends and family all over the country. There is just something special about receiving snail mail. Holiday cards are even more special because a lot of people are joining in the ever popular trend of sending photo cards.

I absolutely LOVE photo cards. I love seeing how my friends’ families have grown and how their children have grown over the last year.

I have been creating photo cards for the past five years or so. I enjoy the ease of making the cards online and having them shipped right to my door. It couldn’t be any easier.

There are several photo companies out there that offer this service but none rival the service and ease of use that Shutterfly provides. There are a ton of holiday cards to choose from.

After browsing for quite a long time on the Shutterfly website, I found my three favorite designs, although I will tell you that it took a lot of work to narrow it down to only three!

Here are my favorites:

  • Elegant Greeting – I love the colors on this card, they are rich and warm at the same time. While I love the simplicity of a flat photo card, I do like the folded card for more room to write a personal message to those that I may not talk to or see often.
  • Snowflake Reflections Cocoa– This is a flat card with great colors and with the option of 6 photos, it allows me to showcase my favorites.
  • Family Wall Noir – This may be my absolute favorite one of the three. I love the elegance of the black background with simple dotted border and the monogram in the center. This card also allows for 6 photos to be used.

There are so many holiday cards to choose from that you need to sort of have an idea of what you want to include on your card. Some things that make a holiday card great: vivid, bright photos if you choose to include color photos; if you want to include both color and black and white photos, choose a more simple background or layout. You cannot go wrong with candid shots of the kids doing something they love or a family photo. Just remember that these cards are going to your family and friends, they are going to love to see the faces and smiles of your family.

The designs that I love vary from year to year. Last year, I used a fun design and showcased pictures of just my children. This year, I am choosing to use a design that will allow me to include a family photo, a photo of just my husband and I and also individual photos of each of my three children. I am looking forward to using an elegant background and keeping it simple.

I am really thinking that I will be going with the design to the right this year.

Aside from all the photo holiday cards, Shutterfly offers many other types of cards for all your needs.

Are you planning on hosting a holiday party? You can order invitations for your party and wow your guests with a quality invitation.

Do you have your own business? A nice way to keep your clients thinking about your business is to send out Business Christmas Cards Who wouldn’t want to know that a business is thinking of you during the holidays? It is an extension of customer service.

I am personally so excited to send out my holiday cards this year because we had professional family portraits done and I can’t wait to send out my cards to show off our wonderful photos. Also, we moved this past summer and I can include a photo of the kids in front of our new home. There are just so many ways to personalize a card through photos.

Get your holiday photo cards this year from Shutterfly, you will not be disappointed.

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This post is part of a series sponsored by Shutterfly. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

This review was done by Priscilla. She is a mom of three and has been married for 10 years to Chuck, her high school sweetheart.  She has three children: Jada – 10, Chuckie – 9 and Lincoln – 2.  She ives close to Pittsburgh, PA in a small town where she grew up. You can find her blogging at Life Of Mine.

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