It’s my Baby Girl’s first Halloween, so of course she has to get her first Halloween outfit. Just thinking of all of the opportunities to dress her up as a princess, or something just as girly, gave me the giggles. (Hey, I can giggle. I have been battling nine years of Batman, Spiderman, ninjas, cowboys, and vampires. I’m entitled to a girly giggle.) When I saw all of the beautiful things that Our Little Tutu had to offer I decided that my Little Lady would be a Ladybug.

I can’t wait to post this review, but I can definitely give you the heads up. Our Little Tutu puts “quality” in all of their products. Even after Baby Girl tugged, pulled, and chewed on her beautiful Ladybug Tutu dress it still didn’t fall apart.

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  1. She is beautiful! Love the little outfit! I lucked out and Lincoln will be a monkey again this year…so we are reusing his costume from last year. His 3 year old!

    Can’t wait to read the full review.

    • Dear Priscilla,

      Thank you! She is my little chunky monkey. I would have to agree, Lincoln is a real smarty. And I see that he is already on his way to a frugal lifestyle. lol Reusing his costume.

      Take care,

  2. This is so darling. My how she is growing. And those eyes, let’s not get started.

    I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a god daughter who loves all things “girl”. It’s a big jump from Tonka trucks. Girls are so fun.

  3. Awww she’s so cute!! How much does she weigh now? I bet her & Dot are the same size!

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