The holidays are right around the corner, and with that comes the season for giving out holiday cards. I love sending cards to my family and friends. I even send out cards “just because.” Well, it looks as if Publix is going to help me stockpile on my cards this month.

There is now a new tearpad at Publix in the card section for $2.00 off of 2 Hallmark Expressions cards.

At my local Publix they have the $.99 Expressions cards display. When you buy two of the $.99 cards and use the coupon these cards will be free! Please be mindful of others who could use the savings. Don’t take the entire tearpad with you. Pay-it-forward and only use what you need so others can take advantage of the savings.

Thank you to I Heart Publix for this coupon alert.

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  1. Shynea,
    I went to Publix today and saw the tearpad, but the fine print at the bottom says you have to spend at least $2.97 on both cards in order to get the $2 off. I was so disappointed.

    • Dear Portia,

      While the coupon does specify a minimum purchase amount of $2.97, this is still a great deal. When you purchase three .99 cards and then deduct the $2 coupon, the final cost ends up being .97 pre tax. That’s a final unit cost of .32 cents per card. Not a bad deal at all. You can’t even match that at the dollar store.

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