I have written several times over the past year talking about my now three year old son Tooty. From evaluations to diagnosis, it has all been discussed here, on my website. Raising a child that has special needs is a daily challenge in itself, but it’s smiles like these that makes it all worthwhile.

Tooty on the train at the zoo during his first field trip.

He is really doing well in his classroom. This summer when we updated his educational plan with his care coordinator, we decided to move him from his current daycare center into an actual elementary school. It was determined that a more structured school setting would be best for him (because Tooty loves his routine and does not like it when things change).

At first I was very skeptical, and even a little upset, because it was hard for me to imagine my three year old in a “big boy school. I have to say that my tendency to be too motherly was clouding my senses, and in the end this was the best move for him. Yes it was a difficult adjustment for him, learning new rules, routines, and faces, but when I see him doing typical things like going on field trips I know that this was a good choice for him.

Tooty having fun on the ABC carpet in his new classroom.

I love him so much and when I see him smile like this I know that no matter how hard this decision was for me, it was the right decision for him.

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  1. He is so precious, Shy 🙂 I love those EYES!!!! I’m glad you were able to push past your emotions and realize that the move was the best thing for his development. He looks really happy there 🙂 It’s great that such a hard decision so quickly turned out to be a GREAT decision to have made. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Dear Kat,

      His eyes are HUGE and believe me when I say that he doesn’t miss a thing. Oh he has his days, but for the most part he is very happy with his new school.

      Take care,

  2. I have a child that has special needs also and I agree it’s a challenge. She may be starting school soon so it was encouraging to see that your son is doing so well and is happy. He is too cute. With all that you have on your plate where in the world do you find the time to plait his hair? Looks good. I guess I’m a slaker, lol. I cornrow my girls hair most of the time and do puffs when I’m real lazy, lol. Thanks for the post. Be Encouraged & Blessed 🙂

    • Dear Brownmama,

      It is very challenging. I find myself in constant prayer for patience and understanding, because I have plenty of days where I feel as if I am at my wits ends. It makes for akward social situations because he is not sociable at all. Plus, the language barrier itself is hard. (Trying to understand what he wants before a meltdown ensues.)

      He is doing very well in his school. It took him a few weeks to adjust but he goes right in there and gets into the routine with no problem now. He’s also starting to be more vocal and has been doing very good with his speech and physical therapy.

      Oh no honey, I don’t plait his hair. lol He has locs. I dreaded his hair up a few months ago and we retwist them once a month. His patience, and mine, were tested with the braiding of his hair every week..

      You be encouraged and blessed too, and if you ever need to talk or release some stress let me know!

      Take care,

      • I thought you were putting all those plaits in his hair, lol. I have 2 girls so you know I know braiding it every week takes a lot of time. Do you know if there are any other moms in the PPDiva community that have children with autism or other special needs? Do you think they would like to have a group to share thoughts, ask questions, swap ideas, etc? Thanks for the offer to talk to me. I often feel the need to talk to someone who knows what it’s like, ya know. Well Thanks again and have a great day.

        • Dear Brownmama,

          There are quite a few readers that have children with special needs. I think creating a group on here for us to discuss what we go through on a daily basis when raising children with special needs is a good idea. I will create a group today!

          Take care,

  3. I think that would be a great idea. I have a 9 year old with special needs as well. Just to talk to someone that understand where I am coming from would be great.

  4. Oh my gosh!!! Tooty is looking so grown! He is such a handsome little guy. I’m glad to hear that he’s doing well at his school. It’s amazing what routine and structure will do for kids. I’m looking forward to more updates!

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