I’m always working on something. 🙂 I really am. I have one million ideas running through my head and it upsets me that I can only complete just a few of them in my lifetime. I have a few great new features coming for Penny Pinching Diva in the month of March. I’m also releasing a more niche specific website in March as well. Here’s a sneak peak at the logo:

Click above for larger image.

I’m still tweaking a few things in the logo but this is basically how it will look. I have been wanting to get into more video blogging since falling off of the bandwagon a year ago. I also wanted to create a more niche specific website; something that I am passionate about. So often mother’s of color are held at a lower ___ when it comes to the thought of them raising productive families. I want to change that stigma and not only showcase moms of color who are in fact raising happy, healthy, AND beautiful children but create videos as well SHOWING happy, healthy, AND beautiful families of color as well as give tips (plus throw a little fun in there too. 😉 )

Being a mom of color compromises a wide range of women.

It doesn’t just include African American moms, but Asian moms, Mexican moms, Indian moms, etc… I’m really excited about this project and I can’t wait to release it.

I wrote this post to give you a sneak peek into what I will be working on this weekend. I hope that you’ll subscribe to that website too once it is released.

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  1. I love the logo of the new site!

  2. Love this idea and look forward to your launch. Like you I have tons of ideas also. I do as much as I can and hope it inspires others to do more 🙂

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