It has been very interesting for the past three days around here. Why? Because for two of those days my website was completely shut down and removed from the internet. Why? Because of my beautiful readers. 🙂 I was getting so much traffic that it completely overloaded the server and caused it to crash. That is a good thing in terms of the growth of my website, but a bad thing because I was unable to post any type of deals for two days, so when I finally got my website back up and running the traffic to it overloaded it again (but this time the hosting company was prepared).

So that leaves me with having to reformat the website, add some features that will make it run more smoothly, and then take some features away.

One of the features that I like about my website is the community feature. I love being able to interact with the visitors that come here to save some money here and there (or make it a lifestyle, either or 😉.) The community feature causes my website to use a lot of resources, and to tell you the truth no one really even uses it that much. So that leads me to

QUESTION: Can you all do without the community/group/activity feature of the website?

I want to optimize the website so that it doesn’t crash again in the very near future (plus I’m cringing at the thought of moving its own server and having to figure out how to pay $200 a month for it). Just leave me a comment really quickly to tell me what you think about these features and if you can, in fact, do without them. I like interacting with all of you, so an alternative to the community feature is having a message board instead. We had one on here a little over a year ago and I made some really good friends on there (love ya K.O., Kenesha, and Mona!).

Also, you spoke and I listened!

I ran a pole a few weeks ago asking you the features that you would like to see on the website. I listened! So starting in March you can expect:

  • New mini teaching series. I am going to start doing mini teaching series every month. I’m really excited about that and for March I will be starting with Crockpot Cooking 101 and a special giveaway to go with it. *winks*
  • More product reviews and giveaways. As long as y’all will participate in the giveaways I will keep pitching companies to bring them to you. I’ll also continue to put in my unsolicited opinion on other products.
  • Interviews with mompreneurs. I believe in supporting mom owned businesses, so I will be bringing in biweekly interviews with mom owned businesses so you can support them too.
  • Bringing back my video blogs (vlogs). Uh oh, I’m not sure who wanted to subject themselves to my randomness but I will be bringing back my vlogs. You’ll get to know the “woman behind the website” and my chaotic family. I’ll be introducing a new vlog project in March which I’m excited about. I’m going to redesign my YouTube page and then let the excitement begin.

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  1. Well, of course my answer is going to be for you to do what’s best for you..and your pockets. If there’s a message board where we can all communicate like we used to, I think that would be great. The interaction with you and the other ladies was one of the best parts of PPD (for me) and I used to have a lot of fun doing it.

  2. I agree with @Mona. The community group was fun too but you have always come up with creative ways to keep readers involved anyway. I like the outline above, thats very interactive. Just have fun…don’t stress!

  3. I am with Mona, do what is best for you…as you said there isn’t a ton of activity in the community, not like there was with the message boards a year ago, back then when it went away, I was disappointed (but definitely understodd your reasoning for removal) I enjoyed “meeting” the other ladies as well, like Mona, Kenesha and KO. I am behind you no matter what you do!!

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