I want to be on the path to owning my own home by the time I am thirty years old. I have been saying that for years and I plan on sticking to that goal. When the year 2013 is approaching, I plan to already be living in the my forever home.

I know that with owning a home come a lot of responsibilities.

I have been pouring over different money blogs so I can prepare myself financially in the next two years. I have been poring over credit counseling news and tips in order to make the best possible decision on where to apply for a loan, and with what type of loan I should apply for.  I know that with owning a home comes a a lot of responsibility. One must be not only prepared financially to take on such a big endeavor, but must also be secure in their job when taking on a home mortgage.

Being a mother of five, I know that my potential dream home has to have a few “must have” features.

It has to have at least four bedrooms and two bathrooms. In a family of my size one bathroom would not suffice. (We have one bathroom right now, and getting ready in the morning is pure chaos.) Everyone needs to have their own space as well. The kitchen must also be of a good size. I LOVE to cook. I love being in the kitchen because it makes me feel good when I prepare a meal for my family that they all love. My dream kitchen would have an island/bar combination in it. And finally the backyard has to be big enough to entertain five very energetic children.

I would never even think about going into homeownership without getting some type of credit counseling.

When I was younger I didn’t take my credit decisions too seriously, so I made several mistakes that I am still paying off. Before any purchase it is necessary to do the right research, and speak to the right people, before signing a long term contract.

What would your dream home look like?

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  1. Hey Shynea, my friend and her husband close on the 24th of this month on their first home. Not sure where you’ve been looking, but check out the Urban League. They have a first-time homebuyers program that is very affordable (I believe $25 a session)that covers everything from credit/credit repair to lending. Although my friend and her husband’s income was too high for the bulk of the program (people within a certain income receive help with closing costs), they still participated in the financial literacy portions (they received a lot of information, and their counselor pored over their finances and put them on a budget) and she said that it was very valuable to their process of getting ready for homeownership.

  2. Also, check to see if your city has habitat for humanity. My dream home would be 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a media center upstairs.

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