On Monday, February 14th Disney Playhouse will become Disney Junior. With the name change comes some really good things. Not only will the old Disney shows still be available to your preschoolers, but some new ones will be introduced as well. Disney Junior will also up their shows target age range from 2 – 5 to 2 – 7. Their new theme song is also catchy as well:

I already watch the Disney channel with Bammy every morning. They have a lot of quality shows on there that Bammy really gets into every morning. Among our favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny. Not only will all of the old Disney Playhouse shows stay but some new shows, as well as new features, will be introduced as well.

The feature and show that I’m most excited about are:
  • Mickey Mousekersize: This feature is going to encourage all children at home to get up and move right along with Mickey Mouse and his pals.
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates: If your children love to swash buckle, arghh and watch Disney’s classic movie “Peter Pan,” they’ll adore Jake, Izzy and Cubby in this animated action-adventure battling Captain Hook in Never Land.

You can get a sneak peek at all of the features that Disney Junior has to offer by tuning into the Disney Junior YouTube channel.

I am truly excited by the turn that Disney is taking in terms of catering to their younger crowd. It is very rare that you can find suitable programming on television for your children; programming that you’re not afraid to step away from your child in fear that something inappropriate may flash across the screen while you’re away. With Disney I never have to worry about that, so it is beyond comforting to know that they are steadily improving and growing. I’m really excited to see where Disney Junior will do in the future.

February 14th’s Disney Junior launch lineup:

06:50 am    Finding Nemo
08:30 am    Jake and the Never Land Pirates Series Premiere
08:55 am     A Poem Is… Short-Form Series Premiere
09:00 am    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “TBD”
09:25 am    Special Agent Oso Three Healthy Steps Short-Form Series Premiere
09:30 am    Handy Manny “Art Show/The New Time Capsule”
09:55 am    Mickey Mousekersize Short-Form Series Premiere
10:00 am    Babar and the Adventures of Badou Series Premiere “The Key/Grotto for One”
10:25 am    Jake and the Never Land Pirates Music Video
10:30 am    Chuggington Season Two Premiere “Wilson & the Dinosaur/Quiz Master Hodge”
10:55 am    A Poem Is…
11:00 am    Tinga Tinga Tales Series Premiere “How Lizard Hides Under Rock”
11:15 am    Timmy Time “Timmy the Postman”
11:25 am    Handy Manny School for Tools
11:30 am    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “A Surprise for Minnie”
11:55 am    Mickey Mousekersize
12:00 pm    Jake and the Never Land Pirates (encore)
12:25 pm    Special Agent Oso Three Healthy Steps
12:30 pm    Jungle Junction “Hiccup Power/Fifi Frenzy”
12:55 pm    Handy Manny School for Tools
01:00 pm    Special Agent Oso “Green Finger/For Sleepy Eyes Only”
01:25 pm    Jake and the Never Land Pirates Music Video
01:30 pm    Imagination Movers Season Three Premiere “Goldilocks and the Four Movers”

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