I may not be an expert on relationships, but I do find myself to be quite knowledgeable on how to make a memorable evening with your significant other. From wining and dining, to dessert and dressing up, I have to toot my own horn when I say “I know how to put on an evening show.” There is something special about putting a little extra attention into an evening for your “boo” (excuse my awful use of the word) that shows him/her that you have been thinking about them all day. What can make an evening even more special is adding a little bit of props to it.

I have worked with EdenFantasys before on a review last year, so I was more than excited when I was presented with an opportunity to have an ongoing relationship with them. When most people think of EdenFantasys they think of adult toys, but I delved behind my first impression to discover a website full of a lot of things that I wouldn’t be ashamed of purchasing in a local store (and there aren’t too many things that I am ashamed of buying).

For time’s sake, we are going to assume that you already know what you dinner plans will be for Valentine’s Day. So let’s fast forward through that part. It’s the “after dinner” hour(s) that I’m going to focus on.

I am a big believer in purchasing lingerie that accents your body.

Because I am very curvy, hippy, and busty with a slight stomach pudge from birthing five children, I already know what my lingerie must entail:

  • Something that will accentuate the bustier line.
  • Give structure to my curves.
  • Suck in the midriff.

It is my goal to make my body look as close to the perfect ten as possible because I can guarantee that once the show is over no one will care if everything that was so delicately tucked in fell out of place. Being that lingerie contains about as much material as a newborn’s onesie finding the right “type” of lingerie is important. To be sexy you have to “feel” sexy and nothing screams unsexy as a lack of confidence. So why not buy lingerie that makes you feel like the vixen that you are?


Corsets are any girls best friend in the lingerie department, and EdenFantasys has a wide selection of them. I like corset because they are both feminine and functional. They make just about any body shape/style look good and they also hold in any extra love handles you may have. Below are my top three picks.

  1. Pink Stretch Lace Corset by Coquette – $72.99 This corset was really appealing to me because it was pink (and what says Happy Valentine’s Day more than the color pink) and because it has really cute details (the bows and the ruffles).
  2. Red Bow Mesh Corset by Coquette – $72.99 I like this corset as well because of the details on it as well as the color of it.
  3. Black Polka Dot Mesh Corset by Coquette – $71.99 This was another choice of mines because of the details as well, but also because of the color. Black is very slimming, and the color is very sultry to me.


If you want to be a little more adventurous this year, you may want to try on a costume instead of lingerie. A costume allows you to play a role for the night that you may never play in your real life. It allows you to be someone else, someone without inhibitions, and also shows your significant other another side of you. It also gives you an excuse to try something new because you can always blame it on the “character“.

  1. Retro French Maid by Coquette – $47.99 I have always wanted a French maid costume. If you have to clean the house, or pretend like you’re cleaning it, why not do it in an amazingly cute costume. Plus, if your significant other walks in and sees you cleaning house in this get-up, they just might pitch in.
  2. Candy Striper Babydoll by Coquette – $21.99 You can take “playing doctor” to an entirely new level with this costume.
  3. Bad Cop by Coquette – $48.99 If you ever needed an excuse to use a pair of handcuffs, then this costume will give it to you. Take charge the evening of Valentine’s Day and play a game of “Good cop, bad cop.” (For some reason, the lyrics to Lil’ Wayne’s “Mrs Officer” is popping up in my head.)

Would you like to win a $50 gift certificate to EdenFantasys?

I am giving one lucky reader a $50 gift certificate to EdenFantasys to spend as they wish.


Leave a comment here letting me know what item from EdenFantasys you would use your gift certificate on.

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Thursday, February 10th at midnight Eastern time.

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  1. I would love Lingerie!

  2. Treasure of the Sea bath salt sounds nice!

  3. Following you on twitter @bloggeddown

  4. A corset … after seeing your examples and thinking about a tad bit less love handles … and the fact that my hubby would be surprised!

  5. I would get some of the sensual massage oils.

  6. I follow you on Twitter @deallieb

  7. French maid outfit all the way! But then I’ll probably end up buying a few things…

  8. I’m also a twitter follower: blueys

  9. I follow you on twitter – @MzQuietStormz

  10. I would love to have a corset – any kind – sounds so sexy and I definitely need to bring sexy back, lol!! Love your blog!

  11. I “re-tweeted” about your giveaway – haven’t the slightest clue how to post the URL, lol! @MzQuietStormz

  12. I would get a few pairs of panties, such as these:
    jdawson02 at gmail dot com

  13. I’m following you on Twitter as giveawaysetc.

  14. I’m not sure if my first comment went through- I don’t see it in the “awaiting moderation” line. If not, I said that I would buy a few pairs of panties including the garter ruffle panties.

  15. If I win I would probably get the VixSkin Maverick or NobEssence Fling

  16. I follow you on twitter (@missy_wpg)

  17. I LOVE those corsets! If I can find one to fit my itty bitty’s :), then that’s what I would spend my gift certificate towards!

  18. I think the 52 weeks of naughty nights game would be fun to have 😉
    Fun giveaway – thank you for the chance to win!
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  21. I like the red satin and lace bustier!

  22. I shared this giveaway on facebook with a link back!

  23. I would get some lingerie.

  24. I follow on twitter. ID-IamMrsWilkins

  25. Would love a bustier or corset…love the red satin and lace one but my size is out of stock!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  26. I would LIKE to get the Bow mesh cami with g-string

  27. Follow PPDiva on twitter @Gerisandoval

  28. I’d put the gift certificate toward the new Fun Factory Yooo.

  29. I would get the Officer Anita Friskya Costume.

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  32. I’m thinking I should list one of the “tamer” items I’d like – ha 🙂 The Bwarm candle looks interesting! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

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  34. The Bimini Ocean looks cool.

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  36. I re-tweeted today!!! @MzQuietStormz

  37. I have almost no lingerie. Not because I don’t like it or want it or wouldn’t use it but because I can never find it to fit my mini bust. I like that they have some good underwire options that would make me look a little more busty!

  38. I would love some massage oils!

  39. i think i would do the retro french maid costume. very cute!

  40. I’d love the Pink Champagne Dress! So sexy and classy too!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

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  42. I have my eye on one of the cute lingerie in the valentine section.

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  48. The B Warm candles look nice. I’d get one of those!

  49. I would love the Pink champagne dress. Lovely.

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  52. i like the chiffon chemise and thong!

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  54. I am in love with this:
    Pink champagne dress
    Mini dress by DreamGirl

  55. i love the Jesse corset.

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  56. i follow @PPDiva.

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  57. I love the Fetish femme black babydoll lingerie! I think it will cover the right places that I would need covering. 😉


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  60. I’d like a corset

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