It’s warming up here in Florida. Which means that my children are starting to get antsy from sitting in the house and they want to starting spending every waking moment outside in the daylight. So this poses my question to you:

What will you be doing with your children now that the weather is warming up?

For some of you with ample enough backyard space, I know that you may utilize backyard swing sets. For others, like myself, you may take advantage of public parks and even the beach. I will even be doing more art outside this year with the boys and venturing into spatter painting. We’re even planning a container garden because we live in an apartment.

I have been brainstorming a list of activities that I can do with the boys instead of just sending them outside with a football.

Playing football is by no means a bad activity but I want them to do more. I want them have a little bit of structured activities in the mix because I like spending time with them. If you have any ideas on activities that I can do with the boys outside now that the weather is warming up, please leave them in the comments.

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  1. Check out any State Parks that may be near you. We have two state parks near us and they sometimes have nature programs, scavenger hunts for kids, and even trails for short hikes. It’s loads of fun!

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