I’m really excited about a month long event that I will be hosting with Jendi of Simple Vlogging Tips. It’s called “March Vlogging Madness” and for the ENTIRE month of March I will be uploading one personal vlog per day to my YouTube account. I have no idea what type of video footage I will acquire throughout the day but this will be the synopsis of my videos:

An inside look into my life; a single, work-at-home mother of five children. I’ll include the good, bad, funny, and the ugly, but I’ll make sure that I keep it real, informative, and entertaining.

I can’t wait until this event starts because I plan on at least theming some of my days. (If you have any ideas for days, leave them in the comments. I have 31 days of content to film.) My ideas so far:

  • SUNDAY: What’s Cookin’ in my Crockpot. I’ll introduce a new crockpot recipe, via video, every Sunday. And because I don’t like spending more than 30 minutes in the kitchen this will include prep time for each meal in less than 30 minutes.
  • TUESDAY: Question & Answer Session. You can email me questions, or leave them in a comment on my YouTube channel, and I will answer as many as I can on Tuesdays.
  • FRIDAY: Fitness Friday. I need to loose 20 pounds by June, so each and every Friday I will do a weigh in and my measurements. (This should be interesting.)
  • SATURDAY: Weekly Wrap Up. On SaturdayI will showcase all of the great deals that I have come across that week and, if I have it ready, sneak peeks at upcoming deals that you’ll want to keep your eye out for.
I’ll be hosting giveaways during the month of March!

These giveaways will only be available to Subscribers of my YouTube channel. I won’t post the the giveaways on my blog, but instead post them in my YouTube videos. So basically you have to “Watch to Win” which is exciting for me. If you haven’t already, subscribed to my channel to get an email update from YouTube when I upload a new video.

Do you have a camera and a YouTube channel?

Then join us for our month long event! We’ll provide support, comments, and thumbs ups for each other.

  1. The goal is to post a vlog each day from March 1 – March 31, 2011.
  2. The vlog can cover ANY TOPIC and be recorded on ANY TYPE OF CAMERA.
  3. You may pre-record a video within the week, but it must be published on it’s own day. For example: posting 2 on Friday does not get you off the hook for Saturday. Recording 2 on Friday and publishing one on Friday and one on Saturday is allowed.
  4. To join in just sign the linky below with YOUR NAME and a link to YOUR BLOG OR YOUTUBE channel.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you don’t want to miss a video. I’ll be posting some of my videos on this website and several different places around the web, but they will definitely all be on my YouTube channel for sure.

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  1. I saw this on Jendi’s site and I am excited yet nervous. I have been wanting to try vlogging daily but I am the queen of excuses. This should be a great motivation!

    • Dear Linda,

      I have never done a daily vlog either, so we can both be nervous together. I love having the linky on here because it’s going to remind me who’s YouTube channel I need to visit on a daily basis. I look forward to watching your vlogs. 🙂

      Take care,

  2. Don’t tell anyone – but I never committed to a daily vlog before either! I’m so glad that there is a group of vloggers doing this. Helps calm my nerves. 🙂

    • Dear Jendi,

      Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. Don’t tell anyone but I’m naturally shy in real life until I’m in front of a video camera. Then I come “alive.” lol

      Take care,

  3. I did an intro post today, clicked the camera off and thought “Oh God, now what!??” Hahhahaa This is going to be so much fun! I am excited to get to know everyone better! SEE you tomorrow!!

    • Dear Lynsey,

      I just watched your video and I can’t wait to get to know you either. I’m nervous, but excited at the same time. I can’t wait to see what each one of us comes up with to fill the entire 31 days. 🙂

      Take care,

  4. Thanks for letting me know about your vlogging adventure. I have been considering trying a daily vlog for a while. I’ll give this a try for a month to see how it goes as I’m busy with studies and kids but I might as well jump in and give it a go. I have guests staying at our house until Wednesday which will make the start of this challenge even more interesting. 🙂

    • Dear Cheryl,

      I am glad that you are participating in the vlogging event. I have always wanted to do a daily vlog but never had enough nerve to do one until now. I can’t wait to watch your vlogs and get to know you better. 🙂

      Take care,

  5. Thanks for hosting the challenge. I’ve been wanting to do more vlogs and have been afraid–you and Jendi are inspiring!

    • Dear Gina,

      You are more than welcome. I am having SO much fun with this challenge and I think that I will do daily blogs even after the month of March. I hope to be a little more organized with the next vlogging event I do and have themed days. I look forward to watching your vlogs during this challenge. 🙂

      Take care,

  6. Hi!
    I am a relatively new vlogger and I am excited to jump in and see what I can do with the posts this month.

    I learned about this from Lynsey Jones at the PPD forums.

    Can’t wait to get started (gulp)!

    • Dear Jan,

      Vlogging can be so exciting. I started a little over a year ago but I was never consistent. This is going to be such a neat challenge for me because this is turning out to be SO much fun for me. I hope you jump in feet first and I’m looking forward to watching your videos.

      Take care,

  7. I saw the event in Lynsey’s Facebook status yesterday and thought it would be fun to join up.

    • Dear Felissa,

      Thank you for joining up! This is proving to be SO interesting and I am meeting a lot of new vloggers. I’ve become addicted to daily YouTube vloggers. 🙂

      Take care,

  8. Hi my name is Dawnyelle. My husband and I film each day of our lives on YouTube (Daily Video Vlogs). I really like what your doing here. Is it to late to sign-up for the March Madness?

    p.s I also subbed your channel and I’m going to be catching up on all your videos. 🙂

    ♥ yelle ♥

    • Dear Dawnyelle,

      (BTW, I’m loving your name!) No, it’s not too late to link up at all. I don’t remember how I came across your YouTube channel but I am addicted to it already. Please link up and I look forward to catching up on your videos, old and new. 🙂

      Take care,

  9. Shynea! I’m so excited about March Vlogging Madness! Great way for me to hit the vlogging scene! It feels good to just do it! You should check out my Panty Rant and Raid on March 19th!

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