The best tool that you can have when going grocery shopping is a shopping list. I would never go to the grocery store without my shopping list. Having a shopping lists puts your entire shopping trip in perspective. It lets you know what you absolutely need to get. It also stops impulse buys. I know that the few times I do go to the grocery store without my list, I always end up either:

  1. Forgetting something on my list.
  2. Buying an item that I don’t need.

It never fails. One of the two happens every time. My shopping lists also allows me to remember which items I have a coupon for, and which items are on sale, marked down, on clearance, or price cut. My shopping list is literally my lifesaver.

I have received on several occasions a request for me to create a shopping list that can be downloaded.

After much procrastination I have done this. I like to keep things simple and straight to the point. I don’t need any more distractions when I’m shopping (because I think juggling five kids and a coupon binder is enough distraction). My shopping list is comprised of four columns:

  • Item: In this column you just write down the items that you need for your shopping trip.
  • Price: This column is where I record the price of the item that I am buying. If I don’t know the exact price of the item that I need, then I will write down the maximum amount of money that I am willing to spend on this item.
  • Coupon: This column is reserved for recording whether or not I have a coupon for a certain item, and if so how much that coupon is worth. When I’m doing a big shopping trip, and I have a lot of coupons, it is often really easy to forget a coupon in the mix. This column reminds me to double check.
  • Notes: In this column I write down quick notes. For example, whether an item is on BOGO, if I’m starting to run low on a stockpile item I’ll record it in this item so I can keep my eyes open for a clearance deal. I’ll also write down if I have a raincheck for an item, so I can be on the lookout to see if it is in stock at the store.

If you have already downloaded my Coupon Binder Dividers, then you will see that my Shopping List matches that.

I am in the process of creating several forms that will coordinate with it. You can click here to gain access to my Shopping List download. I hope you like it, and if you have any future request for a download  never hesitate to contact me.

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  1. I just realized you created this! Thank you so much!

  2. YOU are amazing! Thank you for being so kind as to provide all the Downloads for us! I enjoy this site so much. I am a “CPN NEWBIE” and I am learning so much! i did my first CVS haul today and did pretty ok I think.
    ‎6/17/2011 TX CVS
    2 – 8pk rolls of PT—>6.99 Each
    1- 5 blade razor—>9.99
    1 – 5 ct Zyrtec—>6.99
    …1 – Advanced Mitchum deoderant—>3.79
    1 – 10 ct Poise Pads—> 2.55
    1 – 36 ct Always pads—>3.99
    $41.29 Total retail

    With CVS Card, Sales, CVS Bucks & CPNS
    I PAID ONLY $13.32
    I saved $27.97


  3. Hi
    Yes I love your dividers too! However, I would love it if we could edit the content. The logo is great! I just like mine to be set up differently if I could edit its content and even add more pages with new categories it would be awesome. Is there a way to do that?? Kristyne

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