I love to read. I have had a love for reading ever since I can remember. I distinctly remember my favorite childhood reading memory. I was in the fifth grade and my school had just implemented a new reading system. For every book that you read, you were required to take a test about it on the computer. The new reading system also allowed you to accumulate points. So, in order for the school to get the students excited about it (which didn’t take much from me because by that time I was checking out 3-4 books per week) they ran a school wide contest for a $50 savings bond; whoever got the most points at the end of the month in their account would win.

In my head I was thinking “Wow, I get to read AND I get to earn money from it at the same time.

My life couldn’t get any better than that. I went to the library and I checked out five books because my goal was to read one book each day so I could take a test every day (except on Monday in which I would take two for the books I had read over the weekend). These weren’t just any type of books, these were reading level appropriate books or higher.

It was neck and neck between me and a fellow classmate named Julie.

We were literally taking turns being in first place, and we were only leading each other by a few points. I’m so competitive, so at the end of the month I made an executive decision to read a really long book worth a lot of points. My choice? The Adventures of Dr. Dolittle. That book was huge to my fifth grade mind, but I knew that it was something I had to do. So for days I read that book while I watched Julie take test-after-test and gain an even stronger lead on me.

I was nervous, and I started to question if I had made the right decision.

Finally, on the last day of the competition I walked into the library and took the test on Dr. Dolittle. And I passed. With 100% and fifty points added to my account. By that time they had taken down the leaderboard so I wouldn’t know if I won until the next Monday. When they did eventually announce the winner, I remember sitting in the classroom being extremely nervous and excited. Once they announced my name, I jumped up and screamed “Yeah” and had the biggest grin across my face.

I felt SO accomplished, but even better than that I was SO proud of myself.

Researchers have been conducting studies for years trying to figure out the correlation between home and school. A new Taste & Smell Research Foundation was commissioned by the maker Pine-Sol cleaners to conduct such a study themselves. What they found out was that the majority of children who perform better at school almost always identified their homes with scents that they associated with being clean. The study also showed a connection between memories of positive scents and performance.

Some of the interesting facts from this study were:

  • 84% of students reporting GPAs of A or B had positive childhood home smells.
  • 34% of students with a GPA grade of C or less, remembered negative childhood home aromas including urine, fecal and mold.

Pine-Sol has taken these numbers, and the research, to heart and they are donating books to “Reading is Fundamental.” For every two likes that Pine-Sol receives on their Facebook page during the month of March they will donate a book to this organization. With the creation of their two new scents, Garden Fresh and Outdoor Fresh, Pine-Sol wants to make sure that they are doing everything they can to correlate good smelling clean scents with more positive childhood memories.

Like Pine-Sol to donate books to RIF.


In honor of this study, and my love of reading, I am giving away a set of three books to one lucky reader. The books in the set are:

  • My People illustrated by Charles R. Smith, Jr.
  • The Lion and The Mouse by Jerry Pinkney.
  • The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.

Just leave a comment telling me your favorite childhood reading memory.


You must have a valid US address to be eligible to win this prize.


Friday, March 11th at midnight Eastern time.

My post was sponsored by Pine-Sol through a compensated Mom Bloggers Club member program.

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  1. I used to love staying up late to read and would hide a flashlight in my bed so I could finish a really good book!

  2. My favorite childhood reading memory is when my dad would take me to the library. He would go off and do his thing, while I was supposed to pick out a book. When he would come back for me, I would have a huge stack of books to take home. And when we got home, I would just sit and read for hours. I miss the days when I actually had time to read, lol!

  3. My mom used to make my brother and I read out loud every day for one hour. I HATED IT!!!! I was not great at reading, and she would ask us questions about the book to make sure we understood. Over time I began speaking more clearly, reading at a faster pace, and taking joy in reading. The best part of this story is that after I improved in my reading skills, we began reading out loud in class(which use to terrify me), and I was no longer embarrassed in front of my classmates. The last book I remember reading out loud was Alice in Wonderland. I am now an avid reader, and enjoy reading to my twins 🙂

  4. Mine isn’t quite a reading memory but when I was in grade school we would take class trips to the high school to watch ” movies” My favorites were Pipy Longstocking. One movie had a scene where pipy was mopping the floor. She took a bucket of cleaner, dumped it on the floor, strapped scrub brushes on her feet and skated around cleaning the floor. That night I made a bucket of pine sol floor cleaner ( my mom cleaned everything with Pine sol) and started mimicking Pipy. My mom caught me, asked me what I was doing. When I told her she just turned around and left. My mom always let me live out my dreams. ( but man did it take forever for that floor to dry)

  5. my favorite childhood reading memory is … reading at night. i would hop off my bed and sit right next to my night light and read lots of books before falling asleep. my 4 yr. old does it now!

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