I had a great shopping trip at CVS this week and I am really happy to show you what I got. I haven’t been a serious CVS shopper in over six months. I just was really discouraged with having to argue every time I used a coupon, or even walked into the store (they were starting to recognize me as an extreme couponer *smiles*). Anyways, I started out with $13 in ECBs and $10 in cash. This is what I got:

I did my shopping trip in two transactions. This is what I got on the first transaction:

  • Enfamil baby milk $22 (I had a $5 off coupon).
  • 2 Gerber baby apple juices 2 for $5 (I had two $.60 off coupons).

The special on the above items is when you buy $25 worth of product you would receive $10 in ECBs back.

  • Before Coupons: $27
  • After Coupons: $20.08
  • After ECBs: $7.80 out of pocket.
  • ECBs earned: $10
  • Moneymaker: $2.20!

So I made $2.20 on my first transaction. I then turned around and purchased the following items in my second transaction:

  • 12 Renuzit cones at $.88 each.
  • Irish Spring body wash for $2.99 (I had a $.50 off coupon).
  • Purex laundry detergent for $3.99 (I had a $3 off coupon).

Now, ALL of my Renuzit cones were free! I had two Buy 3 get 3 coupons from this Sunday’s newspaper. I also had six free Renuzit product coupons. So when I paid for three I got three free, and then I used my free product coupons to get the cones that I were paying for for free. (I loved this transaction above anything else.) The Irish Spring body wash earned me $2 in ECBs.

  • Before Coupons: $17.54
  • After Coupons: $3.48
  • Paid: $3.48 out of pocket.
  • ECBs earned: $2
  • Adjusted Out-of-Pocket: $1.48!

So I have a total of $12 in ECBs that I can use on my next shopping trip! So the total for BOTH trips was:

  • Before Coupons: $44.54
  • After Coupons: $23.56
  • ECBs Earned: $12
  • ECBs From Previous Transaction: $13
  • Moneymaker: $1.44!

My receipt said I saved over $92. I’m not sure how they calculated that (maybe the original pricing for all of my items before this weeks sale pricing) but I am happy with this weeks shopping trip at CVS. I’m sure that everyone tracks their savings differently but I like tracking mines this way.

Did you have any good shopping trips this week?

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  1. I got no where near you , but I did do some great shoe shopping. I will need to pick up on your coupons tips, can’t wait for the ebook and videos.

    • Dear Roberta,

      It took me a LONG time to figure out a good way to shop at CVS and Walgreens. I love sharing what I know with others and I hope that the videos and eBook is beneficial to others. 🙂

      Take care,

  2. Love it. I haven’t been to CVS in a while either, but you done good!

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