Today is my last day in Mississippi so follow along as Kat and I go to Applebees and then to Wal-Mart. I don’t think that my written words could do me justice so I hope y’all enjoy the following picture:

And the following video:

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  1. I love it…”Bam sleeps like he works the third shift.”

    You guys look like you had a blast!

  2. U have some deeper rooted issues. You ramble consistently, very short lived failed marriage, five children and you work from home. I’m all for WAHM however, your in no position to do so. If you couldnt care for the first 2-3 kids and struggled why have more!? Your unstable as you consistently uproot your children which attributes to their issues and urs. Ur so young y not have a vision b4 u keep having kids. You still have alot of growing to do! I will continue to pray 4 u and others in your position. Blessings

    • Dear Cynthia,

      You’re very condescending and judgmental and it is obvious that you have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about. Don’t take a few ten minute clips of my life and act like you know anything about me or who I am for that matter. I see that your email says “thebestmom2b” and that doesn’t mean that you define what the BEST type of mom is or how they should be. You also have NO idea how long my supposes “failed” marriages were because I have NEVER posted that information. Once again, their is a reason that the word “ass” is in assume. There are PLENTY of moms WITH big families who work from home, and that is what I choose to do and will remain doing as long as it provides income to take care of my family, which it does. So once again you are ASSuming some things that you have no idea what you are talking about. I could very well take care of my first 2-3 kids, please tell me where you saw that I said/vlogged/wrote about that I couldn’t. ASSuming once again. As far as issues, please tell me what issues with my children you are talking about. I would LOVE to hear this.

      For you to be all of the way up in Detroit, MI you sure do ASSume that you know quite a few things about me. As well as taking your time to peruse my website for over an hour and then register while checking out a few more of my posts. Your profile says California but you are nowhere near California. Please believe that I take my job as a mother seriously, but I also take my job as a web designer and internet savvy woman serious as well. Please continue to leave more ignorant comments and I will have no problem with really calling you out. Because as you ASSume that I am a young mother I will show you the opposite. Out of the two of us I see that you would be the one that has a little more growing up to do. I don’t post judgmental opinions anonymously nor do I lie about any of my information. I’ll leave those type of “young” actions to you.

      As far as me having more children, as long as I don’t ask you to take care of them that would be my business. You keep leaving inside of your bubble and watching mines. I live my life publicly for a reason, so that people like you have something to do and I give you yet another reason to continue visiting my site.

      You be blessed and you keep praying for yourself as well, because the Bible says “he without sin cast the first stone” so I am guessing that you think of yourself to be as close to Jesus as possible. Funny how you mention that you will pray but you could judge me by just an hour. I appreciate your visit and the more time negative, nasty people spend on here the more fuel I have to keep going. Appreciate you!

      Take care,

    • Dear Cynthia,

      I struggled through reading your comment that was extremely grammatically incorrect and went on to show that you have failed to grasp most of the English language. However, I can only take your comment as that of a very ignorant person who has deep rooted issues of their own. Honestly, what form of human being deliberately goes out seeking to try and hurt people and say other devilishly evil things such as the words that you tried to form? Please, don’t bang your face on the keyboard in the sad, lonely, pathetic fury of an existence that you have again, I can barely understand your level of ignorance, it is too beneath me.

      Before you go out and attack people, use the fourth of the brain that you have to consider the fact that they might have family members and such that are not as keen to the idiotic ramblings that you spew from the hole with teeth in your face.

      Do not breed. Ever.


      I know I am smarter than you. Save yourself further embarrassment by not commenting again so that i won’t have to tear you another new one.

    • Wow. I’m in shock, with my mouth on the floor as I read this response. The whole purpose of a VLOG is to talk about whatever randomness you feel like talking about. If I’m correct, Shynea posted a survey asking what viewers would like to hear about in the VLOG’s and they chose to hear the “candid/diary type vlogs”, so to say she rambles consistently and has some deeper rooted issues is completely out of pocket. And how is she in no position to be a WAHM? If she’s supporting 5 kids on her income, then I don’t understand where this statement even comes from. It makes absolutely no sense. If one woman can support a family of 6 on her work at home income, then how is she NOT in a position to be working from home? You just sound ridiculous. And to sum up your comment by saying you’ll pray for her? Maybe you should start by putting your face to the floor and praying for yourself. I don’t know what Word you’re reading, but my God doesn’t tell us to tear others down. He says “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11. So maybe after you hit the Word and pray, and after God molds your heart to be one of love like His, you should come back with an apology for even speaking from a place of such hate.

      And by the way, Shynea…I love your randomness. And your children are all beautiful blessings. I am glad that you so openly share your life and all of the new developments of your beautiful children with us.
      Hugs, KO!

  3. Shynea…by the way (on a positive note), my baby girl has that same exact shirt that Bammy has (the one that says, Love Stinks!). Yes, I am fully aware that it is a boys shirt, but she insisted on getting it when we were at the store one day 😉 Just had to share that with you!!

  4. Wow, I am trying to understand how did you become a member of this community. We uplift each other and provide guidance. We leave the judgement at the door. I am a mom of four at 31 and work from home as well. I am proud of checking my inbox to see the updated post that Shynea left. Let me tell you what I see when I read her post. A strong woman of five that lets us inside her life. The good and bad she lets us know what is going on. She is not a cookie cutter type blogger. So I will pray for you as well and many blessings to your life.

    PS. Shynea keep doing what your are doing, You have a gift and everyone should see it

  5. Wow this totally offended me being a mother of 2 with 1 one the way and the same age as Shynea. How dare you Cynthia be so judgmental. Not knowing someones background as well as you think you do and to make such comments. I am thankful for someone like Shynea in a similar situation like myself to take the time and share some of the knowledge that she does for someone like me to take and learn from her on saving and etc. Ppl crack me up throwing stones at glass houses. What’s the problem with working from home? It provides income to support a family, no need to pay high daycare expenses, and if it’s something that someone loves to do. So do us all a favor and kick rocks sweetheart. Your ignorance is not needed. God wants his people to uplift and help one another not tear each other down.

    P.S Get a life of your own then you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone elses!

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