I have been SO lost without my laptop for the past week.I feel as if some of my time during the day was wasted because I couldn’t work on websites or my other internet projects. I was also growing sick with knowing that my blog was just sitting here without being updated. I missed bringing y’all your daily deal postings or my personal posts. And on a personal note, I wanted to talk to y’all openly about a few things.

Recently (more like yesterday) someone on Twitter provoked me into an argument.As most of you all know I am at a really stressful and pivotal moment in my life. I am going through a lot of transitions and a move and my stress levels are up and I am really emotional. Instead of doing what I know I SHOULD have done, and ignore the ignorancy that was brought to me, I fell into weakness and decided to go back and forth with a woman who was obviously miserable to begin with. A side of me came out that normally wouldn’t have under any other circumstances and I said words that I know I shouldn’t have said in public. My feelings about this woman does not change, but what I said should have been more “censored.” For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I want to apologize if you came across this fight; that is not me or the direction in which I want my life to go. One thing that this woman did say stuck out to me:

(I blurred out her name because she really isn’t worth a mention on my website.) What I highlighted in yellow is what bothered me. Evilness. Pure evil. This is what provoked me to go there with her. I am starting to feel that I place too much of my personal life (too much information, feelings, hurts, and life experiences) online for others to use against me. I have always considered myself to be an open book and I have shared my fair share of my life experiences on this very website. Now I feel as if I need to withdraw within, because I thought that being “real” with my readers, and showing y’all that my life is not perfect and hopefully sharing my triumphs and downfalls I would in fact become relatable to others and give you the strength to know that things will get better; that down doesn’t mean “down forever.

Instead I have opened up my life, as well as my family’s lives, to criticism and ridicule.

I receive hateful comments on a daily basis that no one ever sees because I delete them. I receive hateful emails from people telling me that I shouldn’t be a mother and that I should hand my children over to CPS because I am the reason that they will grow up to be nonproductive adults. On an almost daily basis I am being attacked and torn apart by complete strangers who haven’t even taken the time to get to know me through my website before they leave me vile remarks. It is an ongoing struggle on a daily basis to not let these obviously bored and miserable people take affect on my spirit and my mood.

So I was weak; in one brief moment I allowed one hateful woman to take me out of my element.

And for publicly participating with her craziness I apologize to y’all because that is not me.Her other accusations above are just that, accusations. And I do not feel the need to defend myself publicly on her “thief” remarks because a thief will never be a word to describe me. I have never, nor will I ever, steal from anyone. That is not the example that I want to set for my children because I believe that what you cannot buy doesn’t mean that you should steal it.  A business has a “Terms of Service” for a reason and it is not my job to make sure that my clients take the time out to read it. I send my clients a link to my ToS’ before I accept payment from them. If they send payment to me then that means that they accept my ToS. It’s up to them to read it or not because I don’t sugar coat anything. I get straight to the point.

I have let countless woman online take me to a place that I don’t normally go in real life. I have let them pull me out of my element and have openly argued with them instead of taking the higher road and ignore them. But I feel as enough is enough sometimes and some people just  don’t know when to stop. How often do I just let people continue to walk all over me, run my name through the dirt, and just keep turning the other cheek? This is something that I know I will struggle with for the rest of my life; taking the higher road and just ignoring those that are looking to get a rise out of me.

I feel as if God has called me to do the things that I am doing; opening Penny Pinching Diva and teaching families to save money.

I feel as if God has given me the talent and the platform to teach families that their income doesn’t necessarily have to limit the quality of their life in all aspects. I know this firsthand because I am living through it right now. So this is my open apology to my readers “I’m really sorry.

In a more positive note, here is an update on my life.

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  1. Awe You look Good girl! You look like you have been making some right decisions and have come to terms with them. I know there will be hard days ahead but I am glad to see you back to yourself. I am totally shocked that you get hate mail, I never will understand how people can think they are the judge of other, and thats why Mariah wrote Can’t Take That Away From Me! Right 🙂 Glad to here you all are doning well. Take care and Thanks for sharing!


  2. I will be praying for your family and for your safe return from Iraq (when do you head out?). Also, wishing you the best with the move.

  3. God Bless you and your family. I wish you a safe return.

  4. I am sorry Shynea you have to deal with hurtful words. Keep your chin up, you are a strong woman. I pray that your move goes smoothly and that things start to get better for you.

  5. Girl, I know how some people online can deliberately work your LAST nerve but dont let these people have power over you, making you act in ways you normally wouldn’t. Take back your power, ignore the tools of Satan and get on with you life. Travel safe!

  6. Just out of curiosity, would you get a GS rank as a civillian employee? That’s always good to get in the door for a Federal job…

    As far as hateful twitter chick, like Kat Williams said, if you have one hater now, try to figure out how you can get 6 more before the summer. Short and sweet: jealousy makes people act crazy. Just know that you’re doing something right when the psychos come out of the woodwork. Keep pressing on and allowing the Lord to guide you. It’s satan’s only mission to try and derail you, and if you didn’t have a light about you…he wouldn’t even bother.

    Yes…I did just use the Lord in the same paragraph as Kat Williams.

  7. You know there are haters are that and you do what GOD has called you to do. I hope you keep the website up so that we can keep up with you while you are in Iraq. I will be praying for you and a safe return.

  8. I am so happy to hear about some of the things that have happened. (ex. you got your computer working, moving to Alabama). I think this is going to be a good move for you (closer to family if I’m not mistaken) in the long run. Don’t mind the twitter haters. I’m not on twitter, but I think people who have misjudgments about you don’t even deserve a reply. Keep up the good work Diva. You are a great mom, and the Lord is already working some things in your favor. Be blessed.

    BTW- I have 5 month old twins and i can’t wait until they start walking. I know that was a proud moment for you as a mom!!!

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