I decided to start a new feature on my website. So often I post couponing deals on grocery items and health and beauty items, but I never write posts on clothing your family for less. I get SO many compliments when I go out in public with Baby Girl on the way she dresses, that no one ever believes that from head-to-toe, EVERY time we go out in public, I dress her for $10 or less. I love shopping for her, but I refuse to pay a large amount of money on her clothes. So I have decided to start posting pictures of how I dress my family nicely for less.

I don’t believe that you have to spend an “arm and a leg” to dress your children, or yourself, nicely for that matter.

I really don’t. I love to bargain shop. I practice the “DIG” method of shopping. Meaning that I head straight to the back of stores to the sales section and I start digging through their clothing racks until I find items that I like for a fraction of the cost. I also visit thrift stores and consignment shops for great bargain shopping. I hope you enjoy my sporadic postings of my shopping trips and I would love it if you shared your shopping pictures and tips.


This is Baby Girl’s church outfit for today. From head-to-toe she made a fashion statement (or so I think, but I could be biased).

  • Pink bathing suit cover up {Target}: $2.88. (Yes, this is a bathing suit cover up but it was too cute in my opinion to use it for that purpose. I saw this and immediately saw “dress.” So that is what I decided to use it for.)
  • Silver Laura Ashley ballet slippers {TJ Maxx}: $2.00.
  • Patterned capri stockings {Target}: $3.28.
  • Butterfly hair clip {Target}: $.75. (This came in a pack of four for $2.99 so that is about $.75 per clip.)

Total for her church look: $8.91! I think that this is pretty good seeing as the retail value (before sale pricing) for the cover up was $12.99 and the shoes were $19.99. The capri stockings are versatile because she can wear them under a jean skirt, and the ballet slippers can basically be worn with anything. I can also use the bathing suit cover up when the weather starts cooling down by putting a t-shirt under it along with a pair of thicker stockings. I bought the cover up a little bigger, but by rolling up the sleeves she will be able to get months worth of wear out of it.

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  1. Beautiful!

    • Dear Mattisa,

      Thank you!

      Take care,

    • I have to agree- and you wouldn’t know that that was a bathing suit cover up –

  2. That’s great! I’m about to have my first little girl and share in the enthusiasm of being able to buy bows. dresses and skirts! I most def will be shopping around for great deals like those

    • Dear Tyleda,

      You are going to have SO much fun dressing up a little girl. I had four boys before I had her and I love putting bows in her hair. There are so many cute boutiques that I want to buy from online but I just can’t afford, and would never buy, a $50 dress. So I go consignment shopping hoping that someone else could, then decided to sell it for less. lol

      Take care,

      • Shynea,

        If your brave, you can make your own bows – and if you have time. There are sites that tell you how, and I know you can join co ops to by ribbon etc.

  3. Those capri tights are SO cute. Seeing pictures of baby girl (Diva in Training) makes me miss this stage…but just for a second though!

  4. Awwwww how cute and at a great price…

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