I know that I have quite a few women who read my blog that have expressed an interest in wanting to participate in an online Bible study.

I have found myself wanting to not only participate in a Bible study but lead one as well. I have led an online Bible study before and I have enjoyed it tremendously. I had a wonderful group of women who ended up being powerful prayer warriors for each other, as well as forming lasting friendships with each other that we still maintain as of today. We also had the wonderful opportunity to fellowship together and study and pray on God’s word with a group of women who shared our faith. What each of us received from this Bible study was priceless and I want to recreate that feeling again.

That is why I am coming to you this evening.

I would love to start another online Bible study that would begin in as few as two weeks.

With today’s technology online Bible studies can be so interactive. So why not have one with the beautiful women of Penny Pinching Diva? If you would like to participate in an online Bible study here, please leave the following information in a comment below (if you’d feel more comfortable emailing me, then you can send this information to msshadiggy (at)

  • First Name
  • Age
  • Email Address
  • What type of Bible study you’d like to participate in.

Some of the ideas that I had in mind for Bible studies were: a “Fruits of the Spirit” study, a “Proverbs 31 Woman” study (and you don’t have to be married, coupled, or engaged to benefit from this study either), or a specific topic led study on Parenting, Relationships, etc… I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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  1. Mona
    I’m open to any type of Bible study…

    • Dear Mona,

      Hey mama! I have added your email address to the list. 🙂

      Take care,

      • 35. I would like to participate in the Bible Study

  2. I will participate in any type of Bible study online.

    • Dear Michele,

      I am glad to see that you are interested. I have added your contact info to the list and will be in touch with you soon. 🙂

      Take care,

  3. You can def count me in!

    • Dear Kenesha,

      Hey girl! I look forward to you participating and doing this study with you. 🙂

      Take care,

  4. ADD ME!!! PLEASE!!!

    • Dear Tee,

      Please leave your info and I definitely will add you. 🙂

      Take care,

  5. Hi Shynea:
    I have been following your blog for some time now.I would be interested in the bible study. What ever God places on your heart would be great.

  6. Me! Me! Me!

    editor at notoriousspinks dot com
    I’m looking to fellowship with other women. Church bible study is okay but tends to be too large. I want to have intimate conversations about the word and build a stronger network with others of the same faith.

  7. Tee,

    I am so grateful to hear that God has put such an anointing in your life! I would be interested in any kind of bible study. Bring it!
    God bless you and all of your readers.


  8. Sorry, Tee I got so excited – I meant Shynea. (Don’t laugh yall).

  9. I’m open to any Bible Study.

  10. hope I’m not to late
    parenting and relationships would be my top 2

  11. Karen, 27, If I am not too late – I would love to particpate! Anything sounds good to me!

  12. Cameo
    Any kind


  13. Heather, 38,, I’d like to participate in a Bible Study about faith, relationships, and obedience.

  14. Tanya 34 relationships and parenting

  15. I would love to be part of this.
    I am open to any bible study that uses the word.

  16. are you still taking people in your group for bible study?

  17. I will like to participate also.

  18. I’m in

  19. Hi, I would like to become a part of the online bible stufy if not too late.

    Melissa 34

  20. i too would love to join if its not to late.

    • I would also love to participate, any time on any subject. I have the workbook on The Fruits of the Spirtis, by Beth Moore, and I have finished maybe a fourth of it. I may too late now, just saw it tonight. It would be such a blessing to me!!!!

  21. Hi, I would love to participate in a women’s bible study. I’ve recently found myself trying to become closer to God. I think this will help me become a better woman.


  22. I would be interested in an online bible study
    •First Name Brenda Kempf
    •Age 50
    •Email Address
    •What type of Bible study you’d like to participate in.
    for women…finding joy…etc.

  23. if it’s not too late, i would really love to join a bible study group. thank you.

  24. And I am almost 64 lol………..

  25. Just wondering if your bible study is still going on, or if you might start another one?

  26. I am ready when you are – I am open to all topics or type studies. It will be a pleasant change for me to be IN a group rather than leading one. Blessings

  27. I am in. I have been looking for an online bible study for a while now.

  28. Hi I know that you are not posting for an online bible study at this time. But I have recently came back to the Lord, and was wondering if you could suggest any scriptures to help me get back to where I’m supposed to be. Believe it or not I got caught up in paganism, When I look back on it I’m dumbfounded but it caught me and held me for over a year. Now I’m back and need to get into the word down to the meat of it. Hope to hear from you soon! love your sister in Christ, Donnia

  29. I would love to partcipate in ANY type of bible syudy, please add me to the list. I am a twenty-nine year old wife and mother of two, and am looking for women to fellowship and learn with.

  30. I am interested in most any type of study

  31. I would like to participate in a online bible study. I would first like to know something about it. I’m looking for a christian bible study. Feel free to email me about the info. that Im requesting. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

  32. Age 35, Bible study please!!!!!

  33. I would love to participate in a bible study group.

  34. Proverbs 31 woman definitely! I would love an online bible study! Sounds very eye opening and fun at the same time!

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