I was one of the MAIN people very upset a few years ago when Wal-Mart announced that they would no longer be doing layaways. As a mom who has always survived off of a limited budget, I really depended on Wal-Mart’s layaways around Christmas time. This was the only way that I could gurantee that my children would receive a nice Christmas. To say that I was literally heart broken was an understatement.

Well, I received an email from Wal-Mart yesterday informing me that Christmas layaways were back.

Of course there are some stipulations, and a lot of the old features aren’t back, but I’m willing to work with what they give me. Some of the guidelines for their Christmas layaways are:

  • You can only put toys and electronics on layaway this year.
  • Each item that you put on layaway must have a value of at least $15.
  • You have to pay a down payment of 10% along with a $5 processing fee.
  • If you should decide to cancel your layaway you will loose $10 (my guess is for a restocking fee).

Walmart will start taking layaways on October 17th and you have until December 16th to get them out. You can always check out Walmart’s website for additional information on their new layaway policy.

Will you be using Walmart’s returning layaway this year for your Christmas shopping?

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  1. i think it’s great now instead of putting money on a giftcard and hoping the items will still be in stock i know they will have it in stock when i’m ready for it

  2. I was really upset too when they did away with the layaway so I am so happy to have it back. I think the rules are fair and I am definitely going to take advantage of being able to pay for my purchases a little at a time! Thanks for posting this, I may have missed it otherwise!

  3. yes, very much excited i have 6 kids and 2 grandkids and layaway have always been my life saver.

  4. Iam very happy that this is back.This helps alot.

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