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Hey, and welcome to Penny Pinching Diva. I just wanted to post a quick introduction about myself and what you find on my blog. My name is Shynea, and I am a 27 year mom to four precious little boys, 9, 7, 3 and 1 years old and one beautiful baby girl that was born in July 2010. When I was younger, I would have never imagined being a mother to four children, let alone ALL of them being boys.

I have many jobs during the day. I am a Blogger, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Reviewer, Entrepreneur, Amateur Vlogger, Freelance Writer, but above all I am a Mother and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The point of me starting Penny Pinching Diva is to have somewhere to chronicle my family’s journey through the years. I also want to help others out there, who like myself, live on one income and want to stretch their dollars as far as they will go. I love catching sales, finding amazing steals at yardsales, couponing, CVS’ing, frugal cooking and anything else that will make my family look like they’re “living large” on less then $10. I hope that by reading my blog, you will laugh and hopefully find inspiration to “pinch-a-penny” as well.

I love to receive emails. So if you ever have a question, tip or just want to say hello please send it to msshadiggy {at} gmail.com. I will do my best to return your email as soon as possible.






  1. Thank You Diva
    I am new at this and you are the DIVA in my book.

  2. Hey, I have been enjoying your new site… I just left a comment on the fav giveaway post, but noticed that the date/time stamp is for Sept 2008. Hoping that is one of those fluke internet type errors and that I didn’t miss the giveaway by 8 months !! 🙂

    ~Central FL

  3. This is a wonderful site and mad because I just now discovered it thanks to Essence Magazine.

  4. Saw you in the Essence Magazine and thought your site maybe helpful, and it is!! THANKS

  5. Thank-you Diva,

    I was reading my Essence magazine last night ..and made sure that I had to check your website out this morning. I started spreading the word I have already called 2 girlfriends and told them about the article and your website. This is a great asset!!!!

  6. I would just like to say that I am impressed! I love to see a sister who is around my age (I’m 27) doing positive things! And it’s great to see the uplifting comments on here (maybe everyone read the “Sisters Behaving Badly” article in the same issue of Essence!). Keep doing what you’re doing girlfriend! Thanks for the tips!

  7. Thanks for the tips, I have been looking for any and all ways to save money during these turbulent economic times. Essence is the bomb and so are you! You should see a drastic increase in visits to your site since everyone is looking for the article wiht Mr. Elba (and reading the rest of magazine too). What a perfect time to be in the magazine. God bless you and your family and let’s pray for each other. Thanks again!

  8. Hey Diva,

    I am always looking for a deal and your website is great. Thanks to essence I have some place I can come and look for coupons. Wishing you all the blessing that you desire.

    God Bless

  9. I was reading my Essence and when I read your story I knew I had to check out the site. I am so excited about it! Thanks for the money saving tips! In this economy we can all use a little help. Thanks again and God bless you Diva!

  10. I have to agree with Ericka, I would have never heard about this site if it wasn’t for Essence Magazine..So thanks. I have been trying for months to pe a penny pincher & have had very little sucess, so I hope you can show me the light!!!

  11. I read your feature in Essence and I am impressed with your site. I have been on other sites and it is nice to see a black woman pursuing savings and passing the tips along. I also love to save. My husband teases me because he knows when I get my black file box and calculator out I mean business. Kudos to you and thanks to Essence for giving this site and opportunity to shine.

  12. I read your article in the Essence and decided to check it out. I love it, it’s fun,user friendly and exciting. I added to my favorite tab. I am always looking for a savings or tips to help in this recession. Thanks for all you do, keep up the good work.

  13. I discovered you in the Essence Magazine, I’ve purchased today and the timing is perfect, thank you Penny Pinch Diva, what a blessing.

  14. Hi Diva, I read your article in Essence and I just had to check your website out. I love your site, your an inspiration to other sister’s out here trying to make it. I’m always looking for ways to save and make more money. Keep up the good work.

  15. thanks a lot. i get essence magazine and found your information. you are a true blessing. god bless.

  16. I am happy I discovered this site on Essence. I love using coupons and free items, especially CVS’s Free after extra bucks! Thanks for sharing the extra tips!

  17. Hi, I really am enjoying this site. I have posted it on our family website and also on my FB page. Thanks for all the deals that you are sharing with all of us. What a wonderful idea!

  18. Hi PPD,

    I was reading the Essence magazine and discovered this site, I got really excited when I saw that you lived in J-ville (me too). I’m always trying to save a dollar, so this site is truly a blessing for a lot of us. Keep the savings coming and God Bless.

  19. Love your website!!! I too just found out about it in Essence, I was upset that I didn’t know about it before. lol

  20. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yours is fantastic! I gotta lotta teenagers(money sucking machines) and I could use all the penny pinching ideas you can give!

  21. read about your site in essence i think it is great i plan to become a member. keep up the good work we need all the help we can get in these tight times.

  22. Found out about you in essence, hoping i can learn to save money while shopping.

  23. Love your site … found you through essence

    🙂 Thanks … I am coupon clipping fool

  24. Mrs. Shynea AKA DIVA… I must 1st say that I am beyond grateful that you were featured in Essence this month. I actually bought it because of the cover but, when I got to your article I was grateful. Your article not only will help me but everyone. My co workers were at work commenting on how much peopl esave when they catch sales, double coupon or tripple coupon days,etc. I must say I use coupons every now and then but after reading your article and using your site I am so on board. Thanks to you the burden has been taken off many people especially me and my friends. So on behalf of all of us in JACKSONVILLE,FLORIDA “We thank God for you”. Be blessed.

  25. You go girl! I am so impressed with your blogging and blog. Keep up the great work of helping others get great savings.

  26. I read about your site on Essence..my favorite magazine. I love this site, and will share it with all of my friends and family. In these turbulent times, it’s a blessing to have such helpful and informative info.

    Thanks Diva!

  27. I already consider myself a penny pinching diva as well 🙂 This website looks like it will be a great way for me to take my money saving skills to another level! Thank you so much…look foward to sharing tips to help everyone save!

  28. I read about your site in the latest Essence magazine. I’m a single mom of 1 who shops at Walmart, Target and CVS and I’m so excited about finally being able to save a few dollars. Times are so hard and every little bit helps. I’m going to share your site with all my family and friends. Keep up the good work. Thanks Diva!!

  29. This is a great website – mad that I just found out about it via Essence magazine but will be visting often. Thanks Diva!

  30. I saw your article in Essence magazine the other day. From one coupon diva to the other – keep up the great work! It’s great to see another young sista taking advantage of all the wonderful deals here in Jax, FL. Take care

  31. Hello –

    Saw you featured in Essence and decided to drop by to say hello!

    Will definately bookmark your spot!


  32. I read about you in Essence while sitting in the beauty shop. I’m a single mom and always looking for ways I can save. Thanks for the info.

  33. Thank You for your webiste it is a true Blessing, I read about you in the Essence magazine, I will be forwarding your site to my friends and family.

  34. Thank you for your website, your are doing a great service to all of us. Many blessing to you and your family.

  35. Hello Diva-

    I love..love…love..your site. I read about your site in Essence magazine (August 2009) issue.

    As a young girl growing up my mom was the queen of coupons. She would always have my sister and I searching the store for those special items on her list that had a coupon.

    I have had some interest in starting to use the internet to find great deals but never have taken the time to sit down and do it. Thank you for doing all the work for me! I plan to tell ALL of my friends about your site.

    Please continue doing the great work; we all appreciate your efforts.

    Warm Regards,


  36. I recently learned about your site at a workshop on saving my home. This is wonderful!!! Thank you!!! Keep doing your thing and remain bless.

  37. I love what you have done to the site. I look forward to all your latest on where I can save.

  38. Hey Shynea, girl glad to see you are doing good and with a beautiful family. Your mom gave me the site address and it is great. Thanks for the tips.

  39. I just recently read an issue of Essence and you were featured in it. I havent been to the store yet but the information that was presented was great. I have two kids and they are getting bigger and eating more……. so when I go to the store Ill let you know how much I saved!!!

  40. I love your website you are an inspiration to those of us who need help with pinching pennies. i enjoy your site and look forward to reading and being informed on many things.

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